Since Fire Emblem: Three Houses has so much customization when it comes to classes and what weapons to use, it can be kind of daunting and hard to choose what role each character should fill. So I thought I’d give you a little hand with this guide on which character is good for which role in the Black Eagles House, unless of course you just want to make the game impossible and make all of your characters archers (please do this and record it).


This fan favourite is the leader of the Black Eagles house and one of the three main lords of the three houses. Edelgard is good with swords, axes, armour, and authority. Since she is one of the main lords, she has access to the special “lord” class at level 10 which she will probably work best with when compared to the other lords. Due to her proficiency in swords and axes she would make a great mercenary/hero, as well as a good fighter/brigand/warrior. Something unique about Edelgard is that she is good with armour, meaning she would be the first lord to be an armoured knight, which pairs well with her high axe proficiency. The mage class is also a viable option because she has a hidden talent for reason magic (your basic offensive magic, like black magic from Final Fantasy), but due to her high strength stat, I’d say the best bet is to train her towards the fighter/brigand route if you’re gung-ho about not being a lord. However the lord class is absolutely her best option; especially since her, Claude and Dimitri all have special class lines.


Dorothea is very much a magical unit. She starts with a high magic stat and is strong with reason magic. I strongly recommend making her into a mage or priest. With a pretty decent starting speed stat, she has a good chance to dodge incoming attacks even if she does become a priest (a healer). Her personal skill, Songstress, heals adjacent allies for 10% of their health, meaning she could be a good support/back line unit. She also has a talent for swords, so making her a myrmidon and eventually a mortal servant could be good, even though she has low starting strength.


Everyone’s favourite shy girl. Bernie (as she is called, thanks to the presenter at Nintendo Treehouse), has become a fan favourite thanks to her awkward and messy look. Very fitting for a student! Bernie is good with lances and bows, but also has a hidden talent for riding, so she would make a great archer or cavalier. Her personal skill, Paranoia makes it so that whenever she does not have max health, she does 5 extra damage in combat. All you have to do is put her in front of a weaker unit like a thief or myrmidon and not heal her. This personal skill works really well if she becomes an archer or cavalier, since archers are typically not on the front lines, and cavaliers have the Canto skill which lets them move again after combat. Just keep her from using swords and axes and you should be fine.


This brash looking young man is your typical fighter/brawler. His stats are more balanced towards strength and luck, and he has a knack for axes and gauntlets. Caspar is made to be put on the front lines of battle due to his personal skill, Born Fighter, which means if any enemies are adjacent to him, they get -10 avoid. This personal skill works very well with Caspar since axes have the lowest accuracy out of all the weapons. Brigand or brawler makes perfect sense for Caspar, and the master class of war master seems like it was made just for him. 


Since this character has been dubbed the child of Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword’s Lyn, and Thraccia 776’s Reinhardt, it’s funny that Linhardt doesn’t have an affinity for bows or riding. Linhardt is actually more of a magic user since he has an affinity for reason and faith magic, and starts with 10 magic and 9 resistance. The obvious choices for him are mage, dark mage and priest. If you made Bernadetta your healer, than mage or dark mage are the perfect choice. If Bernie isn’t your healer, than Linhardt’s personal skill, Catnap (If Lindhardt chooses to wait instead of moving or attacking, he heals for 10% of his max HP) really works well with any of the suggested classes, since he heals 10% of his health if he doesn’t move. He is bad with axes and brawling, so he’s basically the opposite of Casper.


Petra is definitely a fast unit with high speed and dexterity. With an affinity for swords, bows, axes and flying, you have a lot of choices for what class she can be. I think Petra fits perfectly for the thief class. Since thieves and assassins can wield swords and bows in Three Houses, they definitely are more useful than in previous games. It’s also good to just have someone who can easily open doors and chests, rather than carrying keys everywhere. Her personal skill, Hunter’s Law, works really well with the assassin’s hit critical rate, since she gets +20% crit if she is under 50% of her health. If you don’t want a thief, making Petra into a wyvern rider could also be a good choice since she is good with axes and flying.


Just by looking at this guy, you can tell he was made to be a dark mage. In almost all of the trailers, he’s seen using dark magic, probably due to his proficiencies in reason magic. He has a base magic stat of 12 and even a pretty decent speed stat of 7. Hubert does have a hidden talent with lances, so you could make him into a cavalier, but the master class, dark knight, also uses lances along with magic, so it’s absolutely perfect for Hubert. There isn’t much to say about the guy; his class choices are pretty straight forward.


This orange pupiled dude is possibly one of the most versatile characters in Three Houses. He is proficient in  swords, lances, axes and riding, and has a hidden talent in armour. He isn’t bad in any of the weapon or magic types, and has pretty decent strength, dexterity, speed, and defence. With such balanced stats, the best choice would be cavalier. But since a lot of the Black Eagles students have the potential to be cavaliers, I would also recommend turning Ferdinand into a mercenary. Another option, even though he has a lower defence stat, would be a speedy armour knight since it is his hidden talent, and his stats don’t really reflect that of a heavy set, slow knight. Again, anything is really good for Ferdinand, but cavalier or mercenary is probably best.

I hope this little guide helps. If you have chosen other classes for these characters and it has worked for you, let us know in the comments!

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