Since Fire Emblem: Three Houses has so much customization when it comes to classes and what weapons to use, it can be kind of daunting and hard to choose what role each character should fill. So I thought I’d give you a little hand with this guide on which character is good for which role.


fire emblem blue lions

The leader of the Blue Lions house is often seen wielding lances or upon a horse. This is because Dimitri is proficient with swords, lances, authority, and riding. He is bad with axes; reason magic and does not have any hidden talents. Because of this, you should make Dimitri into.

  • A Lord: Since “lord” is only available to the 3 leaders of the main houses, it’s the best choice for Dimitri, especially since they have more personalized classes down the line.
  • A Cavalier/Paladin: Dimitri’s main weapons are lances and swords, and since he has a proficiency in riding, being a cavalier would be perfect for him. It also doesn’t hurt having some more movement on your side, as well as the canto skill which lets you move after an attack.


fire emblem blue lions

This dashing young man fits  perfectly into the typical “womanizing cavalier” archetype that is well known in the Fire Emblem games. By saying that, you’d be right in guessing that Sylvain is proficient in riding, but is also good with lances and axes. He strangely has a hidden talent for reason magic despite not looking like your typical mage characters. For classes, a good choice for Sylvain is:

  • Cavalier/Paladin: As mentioned above, Sylvain is your typical cavalier type and it’s probably the best choice for him. 
  • Mage/Sage: Due to his hidden talent in reason magic, he could make a good mage, it would just really depend on whether or not the hidden skill he gets is worth it. 
  • Fighter/Brigand: If you don’t like the first two options, Sylvain does have an affinity for axes, so making him into a fighter and then brigand would also be a good choice. It does go against his archetype by making him into the class that more brutish Fire Emblem characters are also in.


fire emblem blue lions

This loving, motherly figure is very much your typical healer. She is good with reason and faith magic (your typical offensive and healing magic), but she is bad with swords, lances, and axes. The game doesn’t just push you to make her into a magic unit, it absolutely shoves you down a flight of stairs. Her personal skill, Live To Serve, means that whenever she heals another unit, she will also be healed for the same amount. I think you can guess what class you should pick for her.

  • Priest/Bishop: Mercedes is a healer. There is no arguing this due to her personal skills and high magic stats. Even her character design makes her look like a healer.
  • Mage/Sage: If for some reason you don’t want Mercedes to be a healer, she would also make a good mage. The only downside is that it makes her personal skill absolutely useless. You see what I mean about the developers pushing you down the stairs? 
  • Archer/Sniper: Mercedes could be an archer due to her hidden talent in bows, but once again, her personal skill would be absolutely useless. You could also just make her a priest that wields bows and be ULTRA cool.


fire emblem blue lions

This massive boy is very much the Blue Lions version of Raphael (from the Golden Deer, not the Ninja Turtle). His stats are absolutely stacked towards HP, strength, and defence, with absolutely terrible magic and resistance. He does have decent starting speed, but I’m willing to bet his speed growth is incredibly bad. Dedue is meant to be the offensive beast of your group (kind of the opposite of Mercedes) due to him being good with axes, lances, gauntlets and heavy armour. He is bad with riding and flying. Dedue actually has a few options that are good for him.

  • Armour Knight/Fortress Knight: His stats very much mirror your typical armour knight, especially if he has a bad speed stat growth. His personal skill, Staunch Shield, makes it so that if he waits without moving or attacking, he will gain +4 defence for 1 turn. Since armour knights have bad movement and are made to hold certain choke points on a map, Dedue’s personal skill makes him perfect to be a bulky knight. The only problem is that the armour knight master class, great knight, means you have to train Dedue up in riding, which he is bad at. 
  • Brawler/Grappler: Gauntlets are the new weapon type in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and they are interesting because they act like brave weapons do in past Fire Emblem titles (they can attack up to four times if you have enough speed, but always attack twice no matter how slow you are), so they could be good for someone slow like Dedue.
  • Fighter/Brigand: High strength and HP are the staples of most axe users. It’s a huge boon that if Dedue chooses this class line, he will also have very high defence, and he can still fill the role of holding chokepoints due to his personal skill. It would just really suck that he might have bad speed as an axe user.


fire emblem blue lions

Here we have another one of those units with incredibly solid and well-rounded stats across the board. Ingrid is proficient in swords, lances, riding, and flying. She has no downsides and with her evenly distributed stats, her class possibilities are pretty wide. Luckily, the developers were pretty mindful of their choice in what she is good at, so there are some good choices right off the bat.

  • Cavalier/Paladin: Considering that cavaliers use both swords and lances and that Ingrid is good with both of those weapons types and riding, it’s kind of fitting that she be made into a cavalier. Her personal skill, Lady Knight (which adds +3 attack and +5% hit whenever she uses a gambit), doesn’t really fit any specific class, so it’s pretty versatile. 
  • Pegasus Knight/Falcon Knight: Pegasus Knights are always very valuable team members due to the fact they can cross any terrain and a great distance very easily. They are also great at killing mages due to their high resistance, just keep them away from bows! Falcon knights also use both swords and lances, which would be perfect for Ingrid.


fire emblem blue lions

This young man is an oddity when it comes to Fire Emblem characters. This is due to his personal skill, lockpick, which lets him open chests and doors without the use of keys. Considering this skill is exclusive to the thief class, it’s very strange for it to be someone’s personal skill. So really, the one class that Ashe definitely should not become is a thief, because then his personal skill would just be useless. He is proficient in axes and bows and weak in reason magic with a hidden talent in lances. He looks like your typical thief, but what he would be good at is much different.

  • Fighter/Brigand: This is absolutely the best class line for Ashe because he can eventually become a warrior which uses both axes and bows. With his good strength and speed, he’s your typical axe user. I just find it so funny that this cute little guy is supposed to be swinging around huge axes instead of being a thief. 
  • Archer/Sniper: He also has pretty good dexterity which is great for archers since they lose accuracy the farther their target is. He seems like the Blue Lions best choice for an archer. 
  • Cavalier/Paladin: WOW another cavalier? Who isn’t a cavalier on the Blue Lions? Honestly, training Ashe in riding is a good idea so that he can one day become a bow knight, but if you already have too many cavaliers, maybe it’s not the best choice. With his personal skill, however, he could open chests/doors and then move again thanks to canto.


fire emblem blue lions

This edgy looking young man is very much the loner archetype. This translates into his personal skill, Lone Wolf, which gives him +5 damage if he is deployed without a battalion, or if his battalion’s health is at 0. Considering that Felix already starts with a high strength stat at 10, this is an incredibly good personal skill. His other stats definitely are stacked towards the offensive side, with him having decent dexterity and speed. He fits perfectly into the quiet, edgy sword user that is in a lot of Fire Emblem games, so his class choices speak for themselves.

  • Myrmidon/Swordmaster: Felix has a proficiency in swords, bows, and brawling, and due to his high strength, speed, and personal skill, he would make one strong myrmidon It sucks that he doesn’t benefit as much from having battalions, but his personal skill definitely makes up for it. 
  • Thief/Assassin: This may not be as useful since Ashe already has a personal skill that lets you unlock chests and doors, but it works really well with Felix’s personality and proficiencies since Thieves use bows now. The problem with these classes is that they are usually so stacked in speed but nothing else, but Felix’s base strength and personal skill could really fix that and make this class very well suited for him. 
  • Brawler/Grappler: With Felix’s personal skill and high strength and speed, making him into a brawler would mean he’s going to deal some massive damage.


fire emblem blue lions

Here comes the offensive mage of the Blue Lions. Annette is good in reason magic, axes, and authority, and has an incredibly high starting magic stat. This, mixed with the fact that she has low strength and HP, means that even though she is good with axes, it’s probably not a good idea to make her into a fighter/brigand. So there really only is one good choice.

·         Mage/Sage: As said above, due to her being good with reason magic and having a high magic starting stat, this is the absolute best choice for her. But thanks to Three Houses letting any class use any weapon type, she could always be a mage who uses axes? This game is going to be wild.

So there you have it, those are all the Blue Lions students. You can honestly class any of the characters however you want, and I’m really hoping to see some wacky combos, but this guide is to just try and help people who might not have the best grasp on the game mechanics and just help people be proficient with what to class their students. I hope everyone has fun playing Three Houses.

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