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Enchanted Portals Interview

For those looking for a new platforming, boss-rush game with old cartoony animation then look no further! Enchanted Portals has you covered. This is something we have talked about a couple of times over on Indie Pod -a podcast all about indie games- and wanted to know a little bit more about. And the developers […]

Interview with WitchCrafter Dev: Pawel Jarosz

Pawel Jarosz is an indie developer making an action RPG game called WitchCrafter. As something that started out as a simple idea, WitchCrafter is shaping up to be something special. We had the pleasure of chatting with Pawel about the game, his process and more. You can follow WitchCrafter progress on Twitter, support the game […]

Day of Dragons Summary and Dev Q&A

Day of Dragons – The game that you didn’t know you needed Some of you might have heard about this game before since it got quite the attention after it was posted on Kickstarter. It is an online survival game, but unlike many that came before it, this game does not feature humans at all. […]

Super Mutant Alien Assault–A 2019 Arcade-Style Bullet-Hell

Super Mutant Alien Assault (SMAA) launched on Switch not long ago. Being the bullet-hell addict I am, I absolutely had to give it a try. Turns out, the game’s a hell of a lot of bang for your buck. To give you a rough idea of what it’s like, SMAA is basically the lovechild of […]

Exploring Mars Horizon: An Interview with Auroch Digital

Mars Horizon is primarily a strategy game in which you take on the role of controlling a government space agency at the start of the space race. You’ll have the choice of countries between the USA, Russia or Europe, and then it’s up to you to send rockets into space and start your journey to […]

An Interview With The Master Of Hype: Fadel

Today I sit down with Fadel/MTLSayian, everyone’s favorite hype master as we discuss all things Twitter, Nintendo, and a bit about his personal life. Sterling: Okay first of all, how are you? How was your birthday? Fadel: 23! It was great! Hung out with family, got some crazy happy birthday wishes all day by friends […]

An Interview with the Creators of Whispers of a Machine

Playing a detective with superpowers in a point-and-click adventure game? Sign me up. When I first came across this game on Steam, the premise instantly captured my imagination, so I reached out to Clifftop Games, the studio behind Whispers of a Machine. I was enthused to receive a reply from Joel Staaf Hästö, programmer and […]

Interview: Always the Same Nightmare – A Tactile Die-and-Retry Platformer

It’s nice to have so many platformers at our fingertips today, but it’s rare to find one that feels fresh in your hands, so I was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded the demo for Alway the Same Nightmare (ATSN) and started mastering its hair-trigger control system. Unlike most of its predecessors and contemporaries, ATSN, with […]

Interview with the Makers of Lamentum: a 16-Bit Horror Story Worth Backing

As a genre, horror’s been done to death, its tropes rehashed to the brink of cliche. But now it’s finding new life in an unexpected place: 16-bit indies. Not too long ago, I reported on Viviette — an unnerving, pixel art possession narrative, and since then, I’ve been on the lookout for similar titles. Recently, […]

A Look At Industry Personality Stealth’s Personal Life & Nintendo Predictions

(Edit 8/7/2019: Some minor edits to help make the reading experience a bit more enjoyable – Jason) Our very own Sterling recently had the opportunity to interview someone we consider knowledgeable on all things gaming from an industry and enthusiast perspective. Growing up different, possible titles in the Switch’s future and much more can be […]