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Resident Evil 3 Remake: Review

Remaking a classic will always have its shortcomings. If it completely remakes the source material without changing anything it’s considered a waste of time. If it changes or cuts anything it’s automatically viewed as a disappointment. Resident Evil 3 Remake is a fantastically flawed short experience that fans should try.  What you are given in […]

One Step From Eden: Review

Indie games can be considered the birthplace of many truly inventive ideas or even the resurrection of concepts long lost. One Step from Eden, with its own unique spin, recalls nostalgia for the long-departed Mega Man Battle Network series. The game adds a modern and stylish touch to the formula, with increased difficulty and roguelike […]

Bucket Knight Review: Not the Hero I’m Looking For

Games are advancing in a way that was never thought possible at a rate that makes it hard to keep up with the latest trends and emerging genres. At the same time, developers and players still seem to love to always go back to the classics. Think Shovel Knight or The Messenger. Both incredible games […]

Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure Review

In a time where juggernaut games like Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, and Bloodborne exist, it can be nice to sit down and play something more dialed down. A genre that has really taken a back seat to all of the rogue-likes, first-person shooters, open worlds, and platformers is the brick breaker. You […]

Lightmatter Review

“The floor is lava.”  Most would associate the above sentence as one coming from a kid’s game, where imaginations would fuel your games. Not Lightmatter. Lightmatter is a Single-player First Person Puzzler, where you solve puzzles using light to, for lack of a better term, illuminate your way. The very substance of the ambitious is […]

Darksiders Genesis Review

A review code was provided to us by the developers for this review. This review also contains spoilers for the story, but I’ll be honest the story was all over the place. Darksiders Genesis is a game that provided me with a good time but in some instances made me want to pull my hair […]

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Review

I’ve never watched an episode of Dragon Ball in my life. Through my eyes, it’s a sensory overload with a whole lot of colours, screaming and questionable hairstyles. If I wanted any of those, I would have created a time machine and transported myself to the psychedelic ’60s. For me, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot appeared […]

The Witcher Review: Another Fantasy World We Can’t Get Enough Of

It seems that fantasy worlds never go out of style. Even though they tend to incorporate the same characteristics; magic, wild creatures, heroes, and chosen ones, we continue to gravitate to them with the same enthusiasm and curiosity. However, this new year marks the beginning of a fresh decade, so why not kick it off […]

Hyperbrawl Tournament Review

What do you get when you mix handball with nutty weapons and lots of neon? You get Hyperbrawl Tournament, an indie sports game from the minds over at Milky Tea Studios. Hyperbrawl was one of the first hundred games first launched on Apple Arcade and sports some wacky fun. But just how good it is? […]

I didn’t Expect to Like The Legend of Bum-bo This Much: A Review

There is an odd stigma around games with a core mechanic of matching shapes together. Anecdotally, I always associate Candy Crush with my mother and older family members who jumped aboard the crazy hype train that it started. So, when I heard that Edmund McMillen’s next title, The Legend of Bum-Bo, was going to have […]