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So you’ve played Undertale (or maybe you haven’t) and have now played Deltarune Chapter 1 (or maybe you haven’t done that either), and perhaps determined that these two games have something in common. Despite the main character, music, graphics, dialogue…*do you see where I’m going with this*… and overall feel of these two games being near identical, it may surprise you that Undertale and Deltarune are actually in parallel universes.

I’ll start by providing a brief description of these two games, which are actually pretty deep and complex, and were both independently created by Toby Fox.

In Undertale, players control a child who has fallen into the Underground, which is basically just that; a region below the surface that is separated by a magic barrier. Players meet monsters during their quest back to the surface, mainly through combat in which the player, who is transformed into a little red heart signifying their life, can opt to pacify or subdue monsters in order to spare them instead of killing them. In my opinion, combat is absolute hell in this game. Players attempt to dodge a variety of deadly objects intermittently, all while using the power of persuasion against, to be blunt, rather unintelligent enemies. These players choices affect the game, with the dialogue, characters, and story changing based on outcomes of combat. .



Now in Deltarune, combat is actually the same, although the story and plot are a bit different. The child character looks like the same one from Undertale, and while at school finds themselves in a dilemma of having to pick a partner for a class project. Of course, the scariest student in class happens to be the only one without a partner, lucky you! This creepy student, called Susie is tasked with accompanying you to retrieve more chalk, after conveniently having ATE it all (who eats glue anymore?), which leads the both of them entering a closet, falling down into the Underground, and attempting to reach the surface again. Similarly to Undertale, players have the help of a peculiar Underground resident who believes the child, as well as Susie (good luck with that one), could save the world of monsters from their tyrant king.

On a side note, I do appreciate the way both of these video games are able to harness a sense of beauty, especially since these game’s graphics are borderline that of a children’s coloring book. The soundtrack, character development and *uses index finger to adjust glasses*, this guy’s use of negative space and hard lines are actually spectacular.


Now, your journey to the surface encompasses Chapter 1, but the end is where it really gets exciting, even more creepy, and ultimately ties the two games together. A cutscene reveals the main child *SPOILER ALERT…although you all have probably looked up the ending on YouTube by now* throwing themselves out of bed, in a similar fashion to the grudge, walking to the center of the room and ripping their heart out. The child then throws the heart into a cage and pulls a knife out of their back pocket Legend of Zelda style. The child finally looks at the camera with a red glint in their eye, and congratulations that’s the end.

So what does this mean!?

*shrugs* No Clue!.

Fans will honestly have to take a deep look into Undertale’s ending and overall meaning to form an idea of what Deltarune’s Chapter 1 cliffhanger ending all means. Many have already theorized that Frisk, a demonic character in Undertale, has something to do with this odd predicament, but I guess we will have to wait until Chapter 2.

Which leads us to the next question of when exactly Chapter 2 will be released? This is quite the mystery, given Toby Fox’s incredible ability to keep Deltarune a secret. We really don’t know when he plans to release Chapter 2, but we are crossing our fingers it will be sometime this year. Fans have predicted this summer, although personally I think it will be closer to Halloween. Chapter 1 debuted on Halloween of last year, so it makes sense that Chapter 2 will stick with that trend since we haven’t heard anything about a release date so far.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed both Undertale and Deltarune. The level of sarcasm, clever humor, and unique plot have me hooked on these games, and I am eager to see how the storyline will progress. Deltarune’s Chapter 1 playthrough is smooth, and I’m sure that whatever Chapter 2 may hold, the new addition will leave fans hungry for more.

What are your thoughts on Deltarune Chapter 1 and a possible release date for Chapter 2? Comment below!

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