Author: Jon

The Sojourn Review

Every now and then I will come across a game that makes me think but also leaves me relaxed. Journey is one such game that comes to mind and is one of my favorites of all time. It is not difficult but the art, the music and the narrative all work together to paint a very […]

Genesis, the New PS4 MOBA, Is a Mixed Bag of Fun

I never thought I would be writing about Paragon again but hey, here we are. Is Paragon still dead? Absolutely. Will the PS4 ever get a new MOBA? Yes. And that game is called Genesis by Rampage Games. Now, Genesis is not Paragon, but after some time in Genesis, I can say that there are […]

Skyweaver: A Trading Card Game from Another Dimension

There are a lot of card games out there. The space is being populated almost on a regular basis at this point. With games like Hearthstone, Magic The Gathering: Arena, Eternal, Lightseeker, and Mana Rocks, the list goes on and on. You have your pick of the litter when it comes to card games, and […]

The Aging Gamer: Playing Chaosbane With My Wife

Slaying demons seems to always be a good time. And mostly, in my experience, that demon-slaying was coming exclusively from Diablo 3. My wife loves Diablo 3. I mean LOVES it. It has been the only game we can really play together and get into. She loves the ARPG style combat, camera view, loot system […]

Destiny 2: The Season of Opportunity

Good ole Destiny 2. If I can say anything about Bungie’s Destiny franchise, is that they always find a way to pull me back in. But this little discussion is going to be a little different. I am actually looking forward to what Bungie has in store for the esteemed “schlooter” (is this really a […]

Dauntless: Slaying Behemoths With a Smile

To many, the Monster Hunter look-alike is simply that: just a Monster Hunter clone. And I won’t deny that the game obviously shares a lot of the same elements as the esteemed Monster Hunter franchise. But Dauntless has taken the monster hunting genre and made it its own. Now I’m not saying it reinvented the […]

The Aging Gamer: Starting World of Warcraft in 2019

I know what you’re thinking. Why now? Well to answer that question I have to mainly put the blame on my wife. I have always been interested in World of Warcraft from afar. All of the lore and the community it built was something I was always interested in. A majority of my gaming experience […]

Path of Exile on PS4: Is it Good?

My wife and I have been on a hard Diablo 3 kick for the past couple of months. She really enjoys the game a lot and I enjoy killing shit with her. It’s a great way to decompress after a long day of work for both of us. Long day? Well, let’s order some pizza […]

A Deep Dive into Project Awakening

Do you like Swords? Do you like hunting down dragons? Do you like some intense combat? Well then Cygames’ new title, Project Awakening, may just be the game for you. Project Awakening was first revealed last year during the PlayStation Lineup tour sporting just one trailer and little information. I have done some light scouring […]

The Aging Gamer: What Happened to Games Just Working

I am still struggling to enjoy Anthem. It is not because the combat is dull or that the world is stale to look at. I actually really enjoy flying around and shooting baddies. And the world is gorgeous to look at and traverse through. No, the thing that is hindering my ability to enjoy this […]