We have all done it. We are all guilty. Every now and then we browse the App Store, or the Google Play Store to find some mobile game that will capture our attention. I can say for myself that I have found a few that offer up a solid gaming experience but eventually become removed from my mind after a week or two at most. These experiences present a great offering in the beginning but then devolve quickly into shallow and empty experiences. Knighthood, a game that I have been playing for a couple of weeks (a little longer than most mobile games) is a title that doesn’t deviate too far away from the typical mobile gaming experience but does offer up a little charm and a solid gameplay loop.

The very first thing you will notice about Knighthood is its art style. The claylike models and animations are a lot different from most mobile games I played. I think the art style is charming and creates a silly but focused atmosphere throughout the game. It never feels too serious but it also never becomes too cheesy. 

The second big thing I noticed was the combat, something that is also a bit different from other mobile titles I have played. In combat, it’s you versus the world. Yep, no controllable party members, however, you can collect different characters that offer up their services in the form of abilities. After you strike an enemy yourself a certain amount of times, you then get access to your extra character abilities. These can range from damaging all enemies at once or providing your character with more health and shield. So mixing and matching party members becomes increasingly important as you progress through the game.

That leads us to the big gimmick with Knighthood, enemy types. The most important preparations you make before jumping into an encounter center around enemy types. Gear, party members, and weapons revolve around which type of enemy they are best against. Fighting a big mob of goblins? Well, you better equip that rare goblin sword you picked up along with party members that have abilities advantageous against goblins. This back and forth of switching out your gear to make sure you are as prepared as you can be seemed like too much at first but as I played I realized that it makes the game more interesting. As you progress through the game you will unlock new areas that subject you to new enemies and subsequently new weapons and gear. So you can farm areas for specific items you need to fight against specific enemy types. It’s not a new system by any means but how Knighthood implements it all is seamlessly and creates a more in-depth experience.

As with any mobile game, there are a set of expectations and elements that are always present. There is an in-game shop that pops up from time to time to remind you that there are always deals going on. There is an energy system, although pretty generous, it is there. There is a story to follow and it’s something that brings you through new areas but ultimately is not a big draw. I will say the characters you run into are quite whimsical and sometimes silly. So it can be a nice palate cleanser while you are grinding.

Some other things that I do like are the guild system and the PVP. The guild system is mostly straightforward, but as the guild collects points the guild master can summon giant bosses that the guild can then fight for more rewards. It’s a cool way to stay engaged with the guild, and I have to say the guild I joined is decently active, so that is always a plus. The PVP is not a live matchmaking fight but rather you fight against player character bots. I like it because you get a set of three opponents to face and if you beat all three you can collect more rewards but you can also refresh those opponents if you feel under-leveled. It is a nice way to break away from the story or dungeon runs. 

At the end of the day, Knighthood is a mobile game. You are not going to get this big AAA experience, but you will get a nicely put together game that is good at what it does. It’s fun and offers up a challenge if you are looking for it. The game is very playable without spending any money and does a great job of keeping you entertained. If you’re on the hunt for a mobile game that will keep your attention and has lots to do, I can definitely recommend Knighthood.

Knighthood is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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