Another month down and there are a ton of new developers lining up to take your money! Hmmm, there has to be a better way to put that… Anyways, I’m talking about all the wonderful video games that are just begging to be crowdfunded. There are numerous out there but we handpicked a few of our favorites for the month of June. Let’s take a look.

Small Saga

Have you ever wondered what it must be to an animal? Maybe even that they have their own civilization when we are not watching? Small Saga plays into that belief by having you star as a mouse named Verm who is on a hunt to search for his lost tail. You and a group of various animals journey along in this turn-based RPG. The combat looks to be very similar to titles of its genre but the main charm from this game is the environment. From the large collection of cute critters to all the common household items being used as weapons, this game has the potential to be a real winner. Just check for yourself here.

Price to receive game: $13

Unexplored 2

If you watched the recent PC Gaming Show then you might have seen the announcement for Unexplored 2. This sequel is being launched on Fig under its open access beta program where, unlike normal campaigns, you will receive the alpha version of the game right away. Unexplored 2 is a constantly evolving adventure where, like a roguelike, your character will be cursed with permadeath. But unlike most games of its kind, your actions in the world will affect your subsequent runs. The obvious example the developers gave is if you defend a town from wolves in a previous life, the next will find that the town is later prosperous rather than destroyed.

Another interesting take on this is the campaign milestones. In most campaigns, the milestones are set where additional money will be backed into new aspects of the game specifically listed out. Instead, this campaign pushes the fact that you will have access to the alpha and will incorporate in-game challenges after milestones are hit. Those who participate have the chance to create their own piece of history in the lore of the game. Take a look at their campaign here.

Price to receive game: $25

Ribbiting Saga

Ribbiting Saga is another game to make an appearance during E3, in the Kinda Funny Showcase. Play as Andi the frog in his quest to save the princess! This game is obviously inspired by older games like Zelda in not only art style but also gameplay. Dive into this non-linear adventure where you get to decide what path you must take to defeat the villain. With all the Zelda news lately, I can’t think of a better way to pay homage to the series. Plus, you can’t go wrong with toad puns. I am toad they can be quite good. For more info on the campaign be sure to check out their Kickstarter page here.

Price to receive game: $15


If you are a fan of the Indie Incursion Podcast or seen some of our recent game reviews, you’ll be sure to pick up that there is quite a recent abundance of card games. Normally, I’m skeptical when it comes to this genre but this one has caught my attention. Roguebook is a deck building, procedurally generated world where you must choose two heroes to venture into the Roguebook itself. Each time you start, the book will rewrite itself, meaning that all events, items and more will be randomized giving a unique experience. However, the more you play, the more you unlock better starting items for yourself, enemies and NPCs around you. What has me most excited is the dual combat mechanic. Each time you play a card, the associated character will step forward and will then be targetable to enemies. This will add a new strategic element to games of this genre by forcing you to think not only of damage but of the order you must play your hand. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Check out the campaign here.

Price to receive game: $26


Last up is SkateBird, a game that I have been looking forward to for some time. If you are a fan of the old Tony Hawk games and love cute birds then this is right up your alley. Play as a number of birds (or “birbs” as they call them) and skateboard through open, sandbox environments. This game checks all the boxes! Super unique soundtrack (titled as “low-fi birb-hop”), silly but realistic physics engine, and above all else, the ability to find and customize your bird with all types of outrageous accessories. Personally, I have a lot of nostalgia for previous skating games but even if you aren’t a previous fan to those of the genre, this could turn out to be one of your next favorites. Oh, and did I mention this one has already exceeded their goal by almost 200 percent! Check out the campaign here.

Price to receive game: $15

And those are our picks for the month of June. Let us know what you think of these games in the comments. Were there any we missed that are worth mentioning?

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