Gamers, we have been slighted in the most horrible way. We walk around, empathetic to our current situation, acting like it isn’t there, but it is, and it’s both embarrassing and ridiculous that it has taken this long for someone to speak out about it. We don’t ask for much, fun games that we can enjoy with our friends that are free of microtransactions and other greedy business decisions. But this!? This is something we must demand. For ourselves, our children and our fellow gamers. A few months ago it was revealed that Final Fantasy 7, 9, 10, and 12 would be making their way onto the Nintendo Switch. This caused many to be overcome with joy, but some of us knew how we had been cheated and betrayed. Injustice had been thrust upon us. We had gotten all these amazing games coming our way, but what about Final Fantasy 13?

Where was the cast of Lightning and company? Sure, maybe not everyone loves this game, but it deserves attention and a pair of fresh eyes. It may be gorgeous and long, but the Switch can take any beast. I want to explore the wonders of Nautilus Park, The Sunleth Waterscape and Pulse again. I want to fight against destiny as Lighting, Sazh and Snow while I’m on the toilet. Damnit! And I want to see that damn chocobo chick while I’m laying in bed! I’ve had enough! Gamers, we must rise up! Square Enix had been a huge supporter of the Switch, but we must ask for one last blessing from papa Square. If we must beg, pray, or tweet at Square Enix, then get on our knees, or smash on our keyboards is what we must do! We must fight for what we believe in. We must fight for what we love. And we must fight against the indifference and injustice that this wonderful game has faced over the years. Those with an Xbox laugh at us as they play the X enhanced versions of the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy. Haters of Final Fantasy 13 will complain that the game is too linear, the story too confusing, and the characters are too annoying, but opinions must change and the best way to do that is for the game to be on a new console, so it can get a fresh pair of eyes. Just because a game is linear and story driven, does not mean it is bad!

But we must get the haters to join us as we put aside our difference and become one driving force. Through love, passion and kinship, we can obtain anything and this is something we all deserve. Physical? Digital? It matters not. From every one corner of the internet, from Hong Kong to Timbuktu, gamers must rise up for this challenge with all the courage and bravery that I know you all have. Let this be the hour when we draw swords together. Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath, now for ruin, and the red dawn.

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