In this weekly column series, I will talk about my gaming habits and how they have changed over the past twenty-some-odd years. I started my gaming career on the SNES and now I am twenty-eight years old. I mainly play on the PlayStation but dabble with some PC games from time to time. This week, I take a look at some games that deserve to be brought back from the past to be remastered.

The Legend of Dragoon

The Legend of Dragoon is a fascinating game. I remember getting the double-decker PlayStation case that had four discs in it. Yes, four discs! To say the game was intimidating would be an understatement. It was a large undertaking but the game proved to be one of my favorites of all time. The combat system was very unique to me . It was turn-based combat but when carrying out one of your moves you had to land your strike perfectly to continue a combo to do more damage. The combat system was a big part of the game as you were fighting all sorts of baddies everywhere you went. The story was solid (from what I can remember. It’s been a while) and all the characters were relatable.

I am very surprised that The Legend of Dragoon has not been restored at this point. Although, with how long the game is, it could prove to be a very robust project. In any regard, the game deserves to be remastered. Playing it on today’s technology would be spectacular. Get on it CD Projekt Red!

Need for Speed Underground 2

I am not a huge fan of racing games nowadays. They are all a little too realistic for me and I just don’t have the talent for it. However, the one racing game I will always remember loving is NFS: Underground 2. The customization was bananas and that was the favorite part for me. The racing was solid and the different race types were a big plus. I also loved the open world sort of feel where you could just drive around and do whatever you wanted. Want to go to this race to win a bunch of cash? Great! How about just driving around and looking for hidden areas or shops to unlock new parts? Great! The game really put you in the driver’s seat (see what I did there?).

Primal Rage

Like racing games, I am not the best at fighting games too. Nowadays, trying to chain combos together and knowing the ins and outs of fighters is knowledge I don’t have.  But, back in the day, there was a blood splattering game called Primal Rage. This game kicked ass! You controlled giant monsters as you proceeded to tear your opponent apart. The graphics and animations were great at the time and the blood was very generous, to say the least. Each monster had their own fighting style and worshippers that were on screen. The cool thing is that you could eat the worshippers to gain energy during a match.

I think this would do well as a remastered fighting game. The updated visuals accompanied with unique monster designs would be a hell of a lot of fun.

Fighting Force

A good brawler can be hard to come by. If you reach back far enough, you will get Fighting Force. A PlayStation 1 game that has all the right elements for a fun and mindless experience that’s tailored for friends. Fighting Force follows four heroes looking to take out the baddie that wants to end the world (whoa you see those four Fs?). You will fight through wave upon wave of enemies to get to the main baddie. You can use your bare hands to knock your opponents about, shiv them with knives, or even throw soda cans at them! This game had all the ingredients for a fun time. Cliche story? Check. Mindless fun combat? Check. Multiplayer? Check!

A game like this would be a nice remaster because sometimes games don’t have to be all that serious. Did you see Skyscraper with The Rock? It didn’t take a Harvard physics degree to figure out that movie, but watching Dwayne kick ass was entertaining. Fighting Force could be the Skyscraper of video games.

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