With only a few months away from the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, the hype is building over which beloved Disney worlds we’ll explore. It’s already been mentioned that there will be fewer worlds than the second installment of the series but with only 12  confirmed so far, that still leaves room for one or two more.

What we want to see come back

The Nightmare Before Christmas

I have always been a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas (yeah, I went through an awkward goth phase) and every inclusion in the series has not disappointed. Having a world where you can jump into various holidays leaves open a world of possibilities that I would love to explore.

“Can’t stop them from putting you back in Kingdom Hearts? We wouldn’t dream of it, Jack!”

The Lion King

Oh I just cant wwaaaaiiiiiittt to be baaaacccckkk!!! Bad singing aside, the Lion King portion is another world I would love to go back to. Something about changing Sora into a lion and having him fight with a keyblade in his mouth is very entertaining to watch. I mean, who doesn’t want to be king of the jungle?

What we want to see make a first appearance

Treasure Planet

Flying around, pillaging space booty. This is what we need in kingdom hearts. What a good excuse to push more of the Gummi Ship battles for this world – I’ve always seemed to be pretty partial to the Gummi Ships even though it’s such a small part. Unfortunately, with Pirates of the Caribbean confirmed, they probably won’t have space pirates.

Lilo & Stitch

Yes, Stitch has made an appearance before as a summon and partially in Birth by Sleep, but not with the actual island or nostalgia from the movie itself. This could be a good addition to include both exploration of the island as well as content with space battles (I must seem like I really like Gummi ships huh?). I would love to go back and replay the movie with the unique Kingdom Hearts twist. Seeing as they stated the worlds would be much more complex in this game, I can imagine this being a potential choice.


Another potentially unlikely one because the film was pretty recent. However, the sheer chaos that they could run within a day of the dead festival has some serious potential. Whether it’s fighting alongside Hector, getting a guitar-shaped keyblade or getting that crazy-looking monkey as a summon would all be wins in my book! Being in the Land of the Dead would sure be anything but a bare-bones world.

(Ba dum tish! Ha ha…what? Nobody!?)

What we don’t want to see

Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid)

I made this section just for you, Under the Sea! Not that there’s anything wrong with rhythm based games (you’re looking at a DDR freak from back in the day), but the complexity of the Under the Sea sing-a-long world was comical. It pretty much felt like an hour of filler to keep going back and completing those songs while lazily pressing a button every so often. Though, to be honest, I have never been crazy about the movie so maybe I’m just biased.

“This image sums up how the Under the Sea world was”


Adding Tron to Kingdom Hearts was a pretty big surprise. I never was a fan of Tron even though the concept is intriguing. But does it have that Disney charm from something like Lion King or Beauty and the Beast? Maybe, but some might say it only appeared because of the movie reboot in 2010. It made sense from a marketing perspective, but the level was pretty lackluster in comparison to others. I honestly don’t remember much about that level other than a vague recollection of riding the Tron bike – all I remember was it being clunky. With nothing in the news since that reboot, Tron coming back would be an even bigger surprise the second time.

No matter what worlds we get, I’ll just be excited to finally have a full-fledged kingdom hearts title since 2005.

Stay tuned for our review to come out shortly after the release!

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