Hats off to Roll7 for creating such an ambitious game for a small indie studio. The game is sound in its mechanics and has really proven itself in the indie game sphere. Since Roll7 has handed over development updates and support to 505 Games (more on that here) there has been little revealed about the future of the game. We would like to open the discussion up about that here. There are some key elements that I think could really send Laser League on the path to greatness. Let’s take a look.

Private Matches

Laser League is a HIGHLY competitive game. You and your team are pitted against an opposing team, dodging laser walls, avoiding enemy abilities all while trying to control the pitch. It can get very intense, which leads to super exciting moments and crazy plays. As it sits now you can only play 2v2 or 3v3 online. The introduction of private matches would be a huge step in Laser League’s future. This could lead to all sorts of tournaments, events and more. A community would really start to form around this and could really keep the game alive longer. I could definitely see teams start to form immediately and tournaments would happen regularly. And 505 Games could really energize the community by holding official tournaments and events. This almost seems like a logical next step.

laser league

New Classes and Mods

Right now there are six playable classes in the game: Blade (my favorite at the moment), Thief, Smash, Snipe, Shock, and Ghost. This serves as a great starting point for the game and leaves a lot of room to expand. I think Laser League can evolve and grow over time with the addition of new mods and classes. For example, I think a cool class that could be added would be a class that could lock down laser walls. This would keep your laser wall your team’s color for a given amount of time and would be invulnerable to Thiefs, switch power-ups, reset power-ups etc. Additions like this would keep the game fresh and periodically introduce a new meta throughout the game’s life. Resulting in the community coming up with new play styles, more intense games, and just giving people more to experiment with.


Now 505 Games has mentioned this as something that they want to accomplish. Having the ability to mix the platforms would widen the player pool and allow for better matchmaking. Right now the servers are stable (I have been playing in EU servers but switched back to NA recently and it seems fine). The worst thing that can happen is that the player base dwindles and you sit in matchmaking for thirty minutes. I think crossplay is a great way to fix this problem.

Laser League is fast-paced, fun and exciting. I truly believe it is a hidden gem that everyone should try out. I’ve fallen in love with the game and would really like to see a big community form around it.

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