Now that Cooler and Android 17 are out for Dragon Ball FighterZ, Season 1 is officially done. And although a second season has not yet been officially confirmed, the game’s massive success would indicate that Bandai Namco will continue working on it moving forward. There’s a slew of Dragon Ball characters that could theoretically make the cut – but these are the ones we are most excited about.

Please note that there will be some mild spoilers for Dragon Ball Super moving forward. Readers beware!

dragonball fighterz

Master Roshi

Although he is mostly known for being an old man with some pervy tendencies, Master Roshi showed everyone just how powerful he can be during the Tournament of Power. He may be old and fragile, but his muscular form is something to behold. As for his ultimates, perhaps he could perform the Evil Containment Wave. Plus, the original Dragon Ball could use some love.

dragonball fighterz

Young Goku

Speaking of the original Dragon Ball, why not put Goku’s young form in there? Yes, I realize that punching children is not a very ethical thing to do, but if you think about it, Gotenks is already in the game. So when you’re punching Gotenks you’re technically punching two children at once, so having Young Goku would be 50% more ethical. Quick maths.

Plus, his level 3 super could be transforming into that giant ape form most people forgot about. Side note: Remember when Piccolo destroyed the moon? Yeah, that happened. It wasn’t a fever dream.

dragonball fighterz


Moustache. Muscles. Justice. Toppo from Universe 11 might just be one of the coolest characters introduced in Dragon Ball Super. We already have plenty of small characters in the game, and god they are annoying, so why not add a few more heavy-weights? To be fair, Toppo’s fists are about the size of everyone else’s body, so perhaps he would be a bit unfair to play against. Then again, Bardock is a thing so who cares.

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We can’t mention Toppo without mentioning Universe 11’s ace up the sleeve: Jiren. This big-eyed grey alien is half-hero, half-douchebag but he is still one of Dragon Ball’s most interesting and powerful antagonists. His multiple battles with Goku and co. during the Tournament of Power showcased just how powerful he is, and if anyone can translate that oppressive power to video game form it’s Arc System Works.

All I ask for is that he yells “Impudent gnat!” every now and then.

dragonball fighterz


This may be a tricky fight because we’ve never really seen Whis fight, and the angels are supposed to be extremely powerful. Currently, Zamasu is the only character in the game that can fly, but perhaps that privilege can also go to Whis. If anyone can come up with a creative enough moveset, it’s Arc System Works. Although perhaps it would be best to leave his fighting ability a secret, at least until Akira Toriyama decides it’s the right time to reveal it.

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The world could always use more Saiyans. In all seriousness, the Saiyans of Universe 6 were one of the best parts of Dragon Ball Super. Cabba might be a skinny boi, but his results in the Tournament of Power are a testament to just how powerful he really he is. The only problem I can see with his addition to the game is that his moveset is largely unoriginal: most of what he does Vegeta and Goku do better.

Kefla – Kale – Caulifla

Since Cabba can be reiterative, I propose Kefla who’s two fused Saiyans…wait, what’s that, Vegito is already in the game? Well, you can have Kale whose power is so insane she goes into a Berserker rage…oh, that’s just like Broly. Well, Caulifla is a pretty cool Saiyan…

All joking aside, introducing these two (plus their fusion) into their game would be amazing. A suggestion I have seen floating around is that you start with either Kale or Caulifla and fuse as a level 7 super. The mechanics could be similar to Android 18’s, calling the other Saiyan to assist you in your moves.

dragonball fighterz


Ahh, Raditz, everyone’s least favorite Saiyan and Goku’s alleged brother. No, seriously, it depends on who you ask. Raditz’ story was short-lived in Dragon Ball Z, but even so, he made quite an impact on many impressionable youngins back in the day. For many, including me, Raditz was the embodiment of impending doom. Not going to lie, I used to have nightmares about this dude.

Also, he looks rad.

Honorable mention:

dragonball fighterz

Totally not Goku


What’s that? We already have too many Gokus in the game? But this isn’t Goku, it’s Kakarot! It’s totally different guys! He sounds cooler!

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