Windjammers, the disc-throwing version of pong, released on the Neo Geo back in 1994 by Data East and over time became a cult classic amongst gamers.

The competitive sports game, where two players face-off by throwing frisbees in their opponent’s goal, is getting a Nintendo Switch release.

Since the original, Windjammers has received more public attention after a rerelease on the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console and a port released last year on the PlayStation 4 and Vita by developer DotEmu.

The Nintendo Switch version will have no changes or updates but the handiness of the console’s portable mode and the ease of sharing Joy-Con controllers makes this multiplayer game seem like a perfect fit.

DotEmu has announced plans to launch Windjammers on the Switch by the end of 2018.

Writer’s Opinion:

I find fast-paced sports games to be some of the best couch gaming there is. Windjammers is one of the originals in what is now a popular genre. Although I’ve never played it, Windjammers is the type of game that’ll be right up my alley. I was originally going to purchase the game when it arrived on PS4, but now with the game arriving on the Switch, I am relieved I waited. Having such titles as Windjammers come out for Nintendo’s portable console is always positive to hear about. This classic specifically will be right at home on the newest hardware.

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