Author: Ross Howerton

Super Mutant Alien Assault–A 2019 Arcade-Style Bullet-Hell

Super Mutant Alien Assault (SMAA) launched on Switch not long ago. Being the bullet-hell addict I am, I absolutely had to give it a try. Turns out, the game’s a hell of a lot of bang for your buck. To give you a rough idea of what it’s like, SMAA is basically the lovechild of […]

Interview: Always the Same Nightmare – A Tactile Die-and-Retry Platformer

It’s nice to have so many platformers at our fingertips today, but it’s rare to find one that feels fresh in your hands, so I was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded the demo for Alway the Same Nightmare (ATSN) and started mastering its hair-trigger control system. Unlike most of its predecessors and contemporaries, ATSN, with […]

Video Game Sequels We Would Love to See

As if we didn’t already have big enough backlogs on our consoles, our staff decided to get together and pine for all the sequels we’re jonesing for. Here are all the titles we’re itching to see come out before too long, if they come out at all.  But if Psychonauts can do it, anything’s possible. […]

Interview with the Makers of Lamentum: a 16-Bit Horror Story Worth Backing

As a genre, horror’s been done to death, its tropes rehashed to the brink of cliche. But now it’s finding new life in an unexpected place: 16-bit indies. Not too long ago, I reported on Viviette — an unnerving, pixel art possession narrative, and since then, I’ve been on the lookout for similar titles. Recently, […]

Unbound: Worlds Apart – A Puzzling Interdimensional Platformer

I’m always on the hunt for innovative platformers, so I was pumped when I stumbled across Unbound: Worlds Apart. After tinkering with its ingenious portal mechanism for a while in the demo, I’m convinced it’s definitely a title to keep an eye on. Fortunately, the game’s Kickstarter has already nearly doubled its initial goal, and […]

A Dark Crystal Game Was Announced at E3, but It’s Not the First

To the surprise of many Jim Henson fans, during the Nintendo Direct at E3 2019, a trailer for a game made in collaboration with Netflix’s The Dark Crystal prequel series dropped, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics. While it’s not uncommon to expect this sort of cross-promotion nowadays, it’s actually not the first time […]

Where Do all these Nazi Zombies Even Come from Anyway?

E3 2019 has featured a few games that incorporate nazi zombies — Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Zombie Army 4: Dead War, and perhaps even more to come — so I thought it begged the question: why are there so many undead fascists aimlessly wandering around in video games right now? Well, I did a little digging, and […]

Doom Eternal: The Biggest Bomb Dropped at #BE3

Doom Eternal was definitely the highlight of Bethesda’s showcase at E3 2019. The gameplay looks downright amazing, but it wasn’t such a standout title based on its looks alone: Doom Eternal stood out from the crowd so much because most of the crowd was pretty mediocre, not necessary a full-blown disappointment but lackluster here and […]

Tears in Rain: How Blade Runner Bleeds into Video Games

It’s hardly a coincidence that Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner — a movie about hunting down renegade androids — came out the same year as Robotron: 2084, a game in which players save the last of the human race from evil robots. The year 1982 marked a moment in history when the concept of artificial intelligence […]

Interview with the team behind Rogue Star Rescue

If you get a rush out of roguelite bullet hells like Enter the Gungeon and tower defense strategy games like Kingdom Rush and all things sci-fi, then Rogue Star Rescue (RSR), a forthcoming roguelite from Chute Apps, is right up your turret-filled alley. The game’s still in development, but having played it a bit, I […]