Author: Serge

Lightmatter Review

“The floor is lava.”  Most would associate the above sentence as one coming from a kid’s game, where imaginations would fuel your games. Not Lightmatter. Lightmatter is a Single-player First Person Puzzler, where you solve puzzles using light to, for lack of a better term, illuminate your way. The very substance of the ambitious is […]

Video Games: The Best and Worst of 2019

A lot has happened this year, and in a blink of an eye the world has passed on by. It’s good to record history so that hopefully things like what happens below will not happen again, but as they say, the victors write history. So, it falls to us to be as objective as possible, […]

Sin Slayers: A Review (Into Hell)

There is a fine line between a game being challenging and a game being cheesy. Sin Slayers, unfortunately, crosses that line, making for a rather frustrating playthrough. There are flashes of brilliance in the game, from levels being suited to each particular sin, to a soundtrack that manages to keep you invested in the game; […]

Marvel’s Avengers: First Thoughts

Gamescom has been a treasure trove of new trailers and information drops on the general community, and it has been a blast. Having had the chance to look at the gameplay trailer of Marvel’s Avengers, the new game by Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Interactive and SquareEnix, I really have only one thing to say about this […]

An Interview with the Creators of Whispers of a Machine

Playing a detective with superpowers in a point-and-click adventure game? Sign me up. When I first came across this game on Steam, the premise instantly captured my imagination, so I reached out to Clifftop Games, the studio behind Whispers of a Machine. I was enthused to receive a reply from Joel Staaf Hästö, programmer and […]

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Battle System: Best in Class?

The Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s Battle System has definitely taken the best of all their franchises and put them into one non-stop, heart pumping, palm sweating fight. With a myriad of franchises to pick and choose their battle systems from, they certainly are spoiled for choice here. Here are the bits and pieces of every […]

Whispers of a Machine: Review

Whispers of a Machine is a rather engaging point-and-click game, with sprinkles of puzzle solving and plenty of witty dialogue to draw you firmly into the world built up by the story. You play as Vera Englund, a detective sent from Headquarters to a town called Nordsund to investigate a murder. However, all is not […]

The Division 2 Review

It’s easy to lose yourself in The Division 2, with such sprawling environments that encourage exploration, to the amount of world events that it holds, including mini-bosses, bounties and civilians to save. This amounts to a massively enjoyable session of gaming, one that rewards your time and effort with plenty, and I do mean PLENTY, […]

EA Skipping E3 Press Conference This Year, Replaces with EA Play 2019

EA has decided to skip the E3 press conference this year, opting to instead focus its time on their own event, EA Play 2019. In place of one massive presentation of what the company is going to be focusing on, they have instead opted to do multiple live streams, not far different in concept from […]

The Division 2: First Impressions

The Open Beta for The Division 2 has come and gone, and perhaps I have spent too much time running and gunning through the streets of Washington D.C. Here are my impressions on the parts that I’ve managed to play so far. 1) The end game content is brutal. As expected. End game is definitely […]