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An Interview with Greg Lobanov, Creator of Wandersong

Interview: “I love bards. Their role and skills are silly” You play as a walking musical instrument! You can run, jump, and sing anytime you want. Different things respond to your music in different ways. You use your song to solve puzzles and help characters while playing as a bard who finds out he can […]

Minit Review: A Mini Majora’s Mask

If you only had one minute to live what would you do? This is the question Minit raises. In most games, dying is the main thing you are trying to avoid on your quest to complete objectives. However, Minit does not give you the option to stray from death. This is a unique adventure game […]

A Hat in Time is Getting Multiplayer, DLC, and a Switch Version

Gears For Breakfast’s Kickstarter, A Hat in Time, is getting a slew of new content. A Hat in Time, released in 2017, aimed at gamer’s who reminisced the “glory” days of the Nintendo 64 and Playstation 3D platformers. Now, the developer has announced a few new experiences on the horizon for its nostalgic title. The […]

It’s Raining Indies

With Gamescom 2018 only a day away it seems that no one can really wait to reveal their new goodies in tech and gaming to the public. We’ve already seen Nvidia reveal a new graphics card that will figuratively and quite literally (depending on which underground market you go to) cost you an arm and […]

Forbes Leaks Diablo 3 is Coming to Switch, Surprising No One

Earlier, Forbes accidentally published an article that confirmed Diablo 3 is indeed coming to Nintendo Switch. Blizzard had seemingly teased the game earlier but later denied that they were alluding to a Switch release. Since then, the company has remained ominously quiet about the port, worrying fans. The article published by Forbes was immediately taken […]

The Smash Bros. Direct has renewed my hope about potential fighters.

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was full of surprise reveals, key among them that Simon Belmont, Richter Belmont and none other than fan-favorite King K. Rool will be joining the fight. Smash fans are thrilled after the presentation, and rightfully so. Personally, although the announcements mentioned above are exciting in their own right, I think the best […]

Slam Land Review: A Fighting Game Without Combat?

Once in a blue moon a game comes down the pipe that completely changes the landscape of gaming and redefines a genre, like Super Mario 64 did for 3D Platformers or World of Warcraft for MMORPGs, but sadly in the case of Bread Machine Games’ Slam Land, the lack of any sort of unlockables and […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Cooler is Coming for Revenge as DLC

In 2002, Funimation released Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge on VHS in the West. At the time, any DBZ movie I could find, I picked up. After watching the movie, I realized just how much I favored the new film’s antagonist. Cooler’s Revenge stars Frieza’s brother, Cooler, who is less arrogant and packs some devastating […]

Windjammers is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Windjammers, the disc-throwing version of pong, released on the Neo Geo back in 1994 by Data East and over time became a cult classic amongst gamers. The competitive sports game, where two players face-off by throwing frisbees in their opponent’s goal, is getting a Nintendo Switch release. Since the original, Windjammers has received more public […]

The Nintendo Switch is Finally Getting a D-Pad Joy-Con

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you’ve probably noticed the lack of a D-pad on your Joy-Con. If you are someone who is lost without it, you won’t have to wait much longer. Third-party video game accessory manufacturer, HORI, will be launching a Nintendo Switch D-pad variant Joy-Con this fall. There will be two different […]