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SNES Games We Want Ported to the Switch

Well, it’s finally happening! The Switch is starting to expand its library of older Nintendo titles to finally resemble something closer to the old eShop of the Wii days. We now have 20 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) games and boy is this an outstanding collection to start off with! But when pulling at the […]

Old and New: My Adventures in Sniper Elite V2

*Note: code was provided by Evolve PR* I was woefully unprepared for the slower-paced nature of Sniper Elite V2 — originally from the last-gen of consoles and now on practically everything (I played on my Switch). There’s no running and gunning, but there are certainly cool set pieces. Escaping a compound as buildings around me […]

You Should Give Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Another Chance

Every time someone mentions the amazing library that exists on the Switch, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 inevitably comes up. I’ve heard it all. Ranging from comments such as “the game’s story is amazing!” or “it’s the best combat system I’ve ever experienced,” it’s hard not to buy into the hype. But when I bought the game […]

Final Fantasy 13 MUST Get Ported To Switch

Gamers, we have been slighted in the most horrible way. We walk around, empathetic to our current situation, acting like it isn’t there, but it is, and it’s both embarrassing and ridiculous that it has taken this long for someone to speak out about it. We don’t ask for much, fun games that we can […]

An Interview with the team behind Kingdom of Night

For games on Kickstarter, persistence can sometimes be the thing to move you to success. Also, sometimes finding an awesome publisher to help you out along the way can also work. Kingdom of Night, a new kickstarter project from Black Seven Studios is a good example of both. A new 80’s-inspired Action RPG that claims […]

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Giveaway!

All right lads, listen up! The Gaming Gods have deemed us worthy and are blessing us with their favor: A digital copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch! However, in order to win this favor, one must enter a contest of champions! Parallax Media Smash Ultimate Giveaway! Only upon completion of the […]

It’s time to talk about what the Nintendo Switch didn’t get right

Two years after the initial announcement of the Switch, the console seems to be enjoying the wide success that its older brother, the Wii U, would be massively jealous of. Stellar games such as Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey have rocked the gaming community and received widespread acclaim, while third-party games that […]

Soulblight First Impressions

I am so conflicted when it comes to Soulblight. There’s a fascinating story that takes genuine work to unravel, and the characters are interesting in their monologuing and reactions. I want to sink into the story like a lullaby, gradually losing myself in the world. But any time I come close to that slumberous state, […]

A Rabbit Hole Named Dragon Ball FighterZ

How a simple game made me more invested in fighting games than ever before When Dragon Ball FighterZ released for the Switch a week ago, I decided to get it even though I already owned it for the PC. My reasoning was that it would make a great couch/multiplayer game that I could crack open […]

Gravity Slamming on the Switch – An Interview With the Developer of Collidalot

“Nintendo is Incredibly supportive to Indie Game Developers” Indies often have personal stories, as does Ray Aflakian, Head of Marketing from the Seattle Indie studio Grunka Munka Games. Unlike other studios we’ve interviewed (Sam West, Creator of Beyond the Veil for example), this studio started their latest project with a secure funding from the Academy […]