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Who Will Be The Last 2 Characters In Smash Bros Ultimate?

After the big Nintendo E3 blowout, we now know who the second and third fighter pass DLC characters are going to be. The first of these is The Hero, the main character from Dragon Quest 11 — along with other Dragon Quest characters as skins. Banjo-Kazooie, the bear and bird duo from the N64 era, […]

Banjo Might Be In Smash: Here’s Why

The air is buzzing with excitement now that E3 is close. Games are being leaked left and right, the rumor mill is churning at full force, and fan theories get wilder by the day. Smash Bros. is no stranger to wild fan theories, especially concerning new fighters. From Master Chief to Minecraft Steve, all the […]

Has Piranha Plant Grown So Widespread Because of Climate Change

Has Piranha Plant Grown So Widespread Because of Climate Change? Probably not, but here’s a brief history of how the invasive species evolved into a global phenomenon anyway. Nintendo’s iconic red and white-spotted, sharp-toothed Venus Flytrap, Piranha Plant, may have just cropped up in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but the tenacious weed has been germinating […]