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An Interview With Sam West, Creator Of Beyond The Veil

  • AvatarBy Kevin de Bruin
  • September 6, 2018
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Interview: “like all artistic endeavours, there is no guarantee of stable income” Just imagine someone creating his game at home all by himself. He works alone and has no financial security himself. At the end it will never be sure if the bill can be paid, while he works full time. Well – Video game […]

Minit Review: A Mini Majora’s Mask

If you only had one minute to live what would you do? This is the question Minit raises. In most games, dying is the main thing you are trying to avoid on your quest to complete objectives. However, Minit does not give you the option to stray from death. This is a unique adventure game […]

Candleman: the Complete Journey Review

Before you continue reading, I feel the need to let you know that this was reviewed using a review code provided by the developer and or a PR company. Imagine that ten seconds of light is the only thing separating you and certain doom, but using said light could also cost you everything. Do you […]

How A ‘Digital Download Future’ Shows Its Pitfalls

Steam, Origin and other services make it possible to buy your games whenever you want. The Xbox, PlayStation and even Nintendo’s Switch all have eShops available to buy digital copies of the exact same games that you might find on the shelves of your local games retailer. A lot of companies have found out that […]

A Hat in Time is Getting Multiplayer, DLC, and a Switch Version

Gears For Breakfast’s Kickstarter, A Hat in Time, is getting a slew of new content. A Hat in Time, released in 2017, aimed at gamer’s who reminisced the “glory” days of the Nintendo 64 and Playstation 3D platformers. Now, the developer has announced a few new experiences on the horizon for its nostalgic title. The […]

Slam Land Review: A Fighting Game Without Combat?

Once in a blue moon a game comes down the pipe that completely changes the landscape of gaming and redefines a genre, like Super Mario 64 did for 3D Platformers or World of Warcraft for MMORPGs, but sadly in the case of Bread Machine Games’ Slam Land, the lack of any sort of unlockables and […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Cooler is Coming for Revenge as DLC

In 2002, Funimation released Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge on VHS in the West. At the time, any DBZ movie I could find, I picked up. After watching the movie, I realized just how much I favored the new film’s antagonist. Cooler’s Revenge stars Frieza’s brother, Cooler, who is less arrogant and packs some devastating […]

Pool Panic Review

Billiards video games are a dime a dozen and to be honest, most of them don’t compare to the physical game itself. Not to say the game of pool is boring of any sort, it just doesn’t end well when it’s presented digitally. But developer Rekim has done something different with its sport-adventure game, Pool […]

Raft Review: Greatness Looms on the Horizon

Note: Raft is still an Early Access game, which means it is not a finished product. This review pertains only to the game that was available in July 2018. The ocean, a four by four raft, and a plastic hook. That’s the introduction to Raft, a game developed by Redbeet Interactive and published by Axolot Games […]

Interview with Glass Revolver: Creator of ITTA

Jon: Let’s start off with yourself and your journey to becoming a game developer. How did you get into it? Were there any specific motivations? Jacob: Since I was a kid I loved film and video games so naturally, I wanted to pursue one of them as a hobby. As a child, video games are […]