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A Few Hidden Gems to Keep An Eye On In 2020

This coming year is sure to be a memorable one for AAA games. I am particularly looking forward to getting lost in Cyberpunk 2077, but that’s not why you are here. There are a few games that I have been following that I think will really be something special. These games may not release in […]

Interview with Drastic Games: Creator of Soundfall

Drastic Games is the indie studio behind the upcoming musically driven game, Soundfall. The Epic Games alumni have been super busy the last few weeks showing off the game to the players at different events. They did have some time to sit down with us (over the internet) and chat about Soundfall, their studio, and […]

There May Be More to Soundfall Than We Think

Soundfall, a musically driven twin-stick dungeon crawler has been recently announced by Drastic Games. Soundfall will focus heavily on rhythm-based gameplay and is really shaping up to be a promising title. After having the trailer playing on a loop solely for the soundtrack for hours (it’s amazing), I started to pay attention to the trailer. […]

Epic Games Alumni Start New Project: Soundfall

Nick Cooper and Julian Trutmann are both seasoned veterans that hail from powerhouse game developer Epic Games. They both have years of experience in the industry creating titles such as Gears of War, Paragon (rest in peace) and Fortnite. So them coming together to create a new start-up studio called Drastic Games sounds pretty good […]