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Fire Emblem Three Houses Looks To Have More Cutscenes; Big Focus On Story AND Gameplay?!

Although it wasn’t the biggest highlight at Nintendo’s E3 direct, Fire Emblem still managed to make quite the appearance. What we got was a  trailer pertaining to the story of the game. Fire Emblem Three Houses is gearing up to be the biggest entry in the series yet, as it’s the first to be in […]

SteamWorld Quest Review: A Tale of Robots, Friendship and Moon Juice

Ever since Slay the Spire, it seems like everyone and their grandmother is trying to jump on the card game hype train. Someone I would have never expected to grow the list of card game creators is Image and Form, the team behind Steamworld Dig. However, as shown in the past, this team is not […]

An Interview with the team behind Kingdom of Night

For games on Kickstarter, persistence can sometimes be the thing to move you to success. Also, sometimes finding an awesome publisher to help you out along the way can also work. Kingdom of Night, a new kickstarter project from Black Seven Studios is a good example of both. A new 80’s-inspired Action RPG that claims […]

An Interview with Jelle van Doorne: The Musical Mind Behind Viola

I always find it interesting what will bring a person to end up working on a video game as an independent developer. In Jelle van Doorne’s case, being laid off from his previous position as a developer for mobile games led him to work on a passion project known as Viola. For those of you […]

An Interview with Asymmetric, the clever minds behind West of Loathing

Ever wonder what it would be like to live back in the wild, wild west days? Ever wonder what that would be like with demon cows and creepy rodeo clowns, maybe even some ancient alien life forms? Well then, West of Loathing just might be your thing. I jumped into this game since the DLC […]

An Interview with The GentleBros: The Claw-some team behind CatQuest

Feline crazy waiting for CatQuest2 to come out or Paws-ibly you haven’t tried it but can’t say no to any game with cats? Well then, do we have some exciting news for you. The claw-some team behind CatQuest, The GentleBros, have honored us with a purr-fect opportunity to get some more background on their team, […]

Indie Spotlight: SteamWorld Quest is a Big Leap for the Company

Last week, I wasn’t able to work on an Indie Spotlight due to travel but I still found some time to check out the news that the team responsible for all the Steamworld games, Image and Form Games, are creating something brand new for the series. I thought that for this spotlight piece, we’d take […]

Interview with Creator of Apple Quest Monsters DX, Splendidland

I have written plenty of articles about past, present, and future monster taming RPGs, or “mongames” as commonly referred to by fans, but what if there was one that wasn’t a game at all? No, I’m not talking about befriending or capturing monsters in real life, I’m talking about the Apple Quest Monsters DX monster […]

Indie Spotlight: For the King

It’s that time again folks! Time to shine the spotlight on this week’s indie game. Do you like tabletop games? Do you like games with Roguelike elements and turn-based combat? What about something you can play with friends? Then you might want to check out For the King by the IronOak Games team. I have […]

Book of Demons Review

“Don’t Judge a Book of Demons By Its Cover” I’ve always been a fan of dungeon crawling games but nothing really comes close to the nostalgic wonders that is the original Diablo. It’s a game that defined an entire genre of diverse titles. Book of Demons takes the core dungeon crawler experience and asks the […]