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Everything You Need to Know About Apex Legends Season One

After a stellar launch and garnering 50 million players, Apex Legends controls its own destiny. The game has skyrocketed in popularity and has become a staple in the battle royale genre right off the bat (you can read our review here). The unique elements of the ping system, character abilities and being the jumpmaster all […]

Apex Legends Review

The battle royale genre is something that I have not experienced too much. I have played a few matches in Fortnite and realized it was not for me. I have also played a bit of Blackout, which was fun but I did not stick around too long. The genre has seen plenty of games come […]

Apex Legends: What This Proves to EA

Within 24 hours of Apex Legends releasing for all platforms, over 2.5 millions unique players downloaded and played the game. This was definitely a huge success for EA, and may shape the direction in which EA will take from here. Here are the things that it would prove to EA and its shareholders. 1) The […]