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Interview with the team behind Rogue Star Rescue

If you get a rush out of roguelite bullet hells like Enter the Gungeon and tower defense strategy games like Kingdom Rush and all things sci-fi, then Rogue Star Rescue (RSR), a forthcoming roguelite from Chute Apps, is right up your turret-filled alley. The game’s still in development, but having played it a bit, I […]

An Interview with the team behind Kingdom of Night

For games on Kickstarter, persistence can sometimes be the thing to move you to success. Also, sometimes finding an awesome publisher to help you out along the way can also work. Kingdom of Night, a new kickstarter project from Black Seven Studios is a good example of both. A new 80’s-inspired Action RPG that claims […]

Six Tips for Newcomers to Risk of Rain 2

For those of you who didn’t watch the Gearbox live stream last week, you might have missed a recently dropped title they are publishing known as Risk of Rain 2. If you are not familiar with the series, Risk of Rain is a rogue-like where the maps aren’t randomly generated but the drops and monster […]

Baba is You Review: Game is Win

Nothing is more rewarding than being stuck on something that just doesn’t seem possible, only to brilliantly solve the unsolvable and Baba Is You is a new puzzle game that is chock full of that moment over and over again. I have played many games but it has been a long time since I have […]

An Interview with Jelle van Doorne: The Musical Mind Behind Viola

I always find it interesting what will bring a person to end up working on a video game as an independent developer. In Jelle van Doorne’s case, being laid off from his previous position as a developer for mobile games led him to work on a passion project known as Viola. For those of you […]

Indie Spotlight: Streets of Rouge is a Procedurally Generated Wonderland

It’s been a while but I managed to steal back my place on the throne from Jason (big shout out to his help while I was away though, of course) and can now serenade you with another Indie Spotlight. And boy do we have an amazing game to shed some light on this week. Looking […]

An Interview with Asymmetric, the clever minds behind West of Loathing

Ever wonder what it would be like to live back in the wild, wild west days? Ever wonder what that would be like with demon cows and creepy rodeo clowns, maybe even some ancient alien life forms? Well then, West of Loathing just might be your thing. I jumped into this game since the DLC […]

Indie Spotlight: Could Unsung Warriors be the next must have couch co-op?

For those of you who aren’t aware, Parallax has its very own podcast dedicated to all things Indie games. A benefit of writing these spotlights and being on the podcast is that I have a whole segment where I sift through various Kickstarter titles that might be hidden gems. One of my recent finds was […]

Indie Spotlight: Wuppo

Hope you guys enjoyed the last spotlights but this train keeps on moving with a hidden gem from 2016. For anyone who knows me, I am a big fan of platformers and this is one you won’t want to miss. A mix of platforming, puzzles, challenging bosses, and some cute humor is all bundled up […]

Indie Spotlight: For the King

It’s that time again folks! Time to shine the spotlight on this week’s indie game. Do you like tabletop games? Do you like games with Roguelike elements and turn-based combat? What about something you can play with friends? Then you might want to check out For the King by the IronOak Games team. I have […]