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Nintendo Indie Highlights Recap (23/01/2019)

Yesterday Nintendo UK released their Indie Highlights video detailing the upcoming (or available) indie games making their way to the Nintendo Switch in 2019. Let’s take a look at what they’re offering. Wargroove Do you, like me, miss Advance Wars dearly? Well, you’re in luck as Chucklefish LTD has heard our wishes and delivered. Coming […]

What’s In A Commercial: Advertising a Game Console

Advertisements sell you more than just a product: they also sell you an image and a lifestyle. In some cases, associating the appropriate lifestyle with your product can make a large difference in sales. Today, I want to analyze Nintendo’s advertisements for both the Switch and the Wii U and compare the two in hopes […]

Indie Spotlight: Slay the Spire

Welcome to the Indie Spotlight! Parallax Media’s weekly column where we “shine some light” on an indie game that we have played and loved or that we have on our radar to pick up and try. This column will promote awareness to those independent games out there that might have been missed that we feel […]

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! Review: Still Has Challenges Along The Way

There I was, just one Pokémon away from defeating the champion, my friend and rival, Lorre. It had been a long road, but I was so close to victory that it would be foolish to give up now. His last Pokémon was Pidgeot, but with a catch: he could mega evolve. Coincidentally, the strongest on […]

Nintendo Updates Its Content Creator Guidelines, Joining The Rest Of Us In 2018

Nintendo is famous for two things: wonderful, revolutionary games and being very stringent with their copyright policy. A few years back, Nintendo announced their Content Creator Program, which basically restricted monetization of videos that contained Nintendo properties, either on YouTube or live-streaming sites. This angered a lot of fans because, well, Nintendo was practically the […]

The Smash Direct Just Smashed All Expectations

Boy. That was a lot of game. Nintendo revealed on Thursday how we’ll all lose our time and money because they did it. They cracked the code. They figured out how to give you the most bang for your buck PLUS a way to monetize and support the game for at least a year after […]

Wandersong: A Song To Remember

Strip a game down to its core and you will generally find a pattern of playing as a character who must vanquish their foes. Many games do this via different methods, such as weapons or mystical powers. But what if I told you there was a game where instead you could only use the power […]

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is Coming to PlayStation 4 and Switch in 2019

Square Enix announced a remastered version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game originally released in 2004 for the Nintendo GameCube. The teaser trailer below shows implementations of the online multiplayer with players joining into games. Confirmation for online play will solve an issue with the original game […]

An Interview with Greg Lobanov, Creator of Wandersong

Interview: “I love bards. Their role and skills are silly” You play as a walking musical instrument! You can run, jump, and sing anytime you want. Different things respond to your music in different ways. You use your song to solve puzzles and help characters while playing as a bard who finds out he can […]

Minit Review: A Mini Majora’s Mask

If you only had one minute to live what would you do? This is the question Minit raises. In most games, dying is the main thing you are trying to avoid on your quest to complete objectives. However, Minit does not give you the option to stray from death. This is a unique adventure game […]