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8 Things to Look Forward to from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Trailer

For a 1:47-long trailer, Nintendo packed in a lot of information regarding the new game: Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you’ve only watched the trailer once, or were too busy wiping away happy tears, chances are you might have missed a few details. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can craft new items and […]

Fire Emblem Three Houses Looks To Have More Cutscenes; Big Focus On Story AND Gameplay?!

Although it wasn’t the biggest highlight at Nintendo’s E3 direct, Fire Emblem still managed to make quite the appearance. What we got was a  trailer pertaining to the story of the game. Fire Emblem Three Houses is gearing up to be the biggest entry in the series yet, as it’s the first to be in […]

The Smash Bros. Direct has renewed my hope about potential fighters.

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was full of surprise reveals, key among them that Simon Belmont, Richter Belmont and none other than fan-favorite King K. Rool will be joining the fight. Smash fans are thrilled after the presentation, and rightfully so. Personally, although the announcements mentioned above are exciting in their own right, I think the best […]