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Fear the Wolves: Escape the Pack with Early Access

As the age of battle royale games is upon us, every company is looking to break their way into the race. With the massive success of games like Fortnite and PUBG, every developer wants a piece of this cash cow and Vostok Games is no exception. Their new game Fear the Wolves has just hit […]

Epic Games Alumni Start New Project: Soundfall

Nick Cooper and Julian Trutmann are both seasoned veterans that hail from powerhouse game developer Epic Games. They both have years of experience in the industry creating titles such as Gears of War, Paragon (rest in peace) and Fortnite. So them coming together to create a new start-up studio called Drastic Games sounds pretty good […]

Overwatch’s New Hero is About to Wreck the Meta

And more updates on Overwatch patch 1.26.03 Tank mains, rejoice! With today’s patch, Wrecking Ball a.k.a. Hammond is now on the live servers. Although he is only available in Quick Play and Arcade at the moment, you can now start training with him. Don’t let the cute hamster deceive you, Wrecking Ball promises to destroy […]