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Opinion: The beauty of professional Overwatch is in its constant patches

Note: This article contains spoiler for the Overwatch League semifinals. Read at your own risk. Coming into the Overwatch League semifinals, everyone agreed on one thing: New York Excelsior (NYXL), the season favorite, were surely getting a spot in the finals. After all, the finals are to be held in the Barclay’s Event center, and […]

Overwatch’s New Hero is About to Wreck the Meta

And more updates on Overwatch patch 1.26.03 Tank mains, rejoice! With today’s patch, Wrecking Ball a.k.a. Hammond is now on the live servers. Although he is only available in Quick Play and Arcade at the moment, you can now start training with him. Don’t let the cute hamster deceive you, Wrecking Ball promises to destroy […]