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Interview with FamilyJules: Video Game Music Cover Artist

We all love video game soundtracks. The music in a game may be all we need to immerse us in the experience. And you know what’s really cool about video game music? Seeing it be transformed by the community and morphed into something new and unique. That’s what FamilyJules does on his youtube channel. He […]

Interview with Seenapsis Studio: Developer of A Long Way Down

Seenapsis Studio is a French indie developer creating a unique rogue-like game that features deck building and procedurally generated dungeons. The creative art style and the eerie world is definitely something that piqued our interest. The team is hard at work developing the game, but their CEO, Alexandre Martin, took a few moments out of […]

Interview with Glass Revolver: Creator of ITTA

Jon: Let’s start off with yourself and your journey to becoming a game developer. How did you get into it? Were there any specific motivations? Jacob: Since I was a kid I loved film and video games so naturally, I wanted to pursue one of them as a hobby. As a child, video games are […]

Interview With Visionary Games’ 3D Artist: Lee Devonald

Jon: Let’s start off by talking a little about yourself. The modeling work you do is stellar! How did you get into digital art/modeling? Lee: I started out quite a while ago, modding games. Back when I first started there were no such things as games art courses at schools or college or whatever, and […]