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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Preview: Scarily Enjoyable

Insomnia Gaming Festival – Preview Replaying Luigi’s Mansion & Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon recently has showcased how incredible of a job Nintendo did with this unique series, and Luigi’s Mansion 3 is no different. Within a few minutes of the demo it was clear how much love has been poured into this property and enough […]

Borderlands 3: A Familiar, Yet Refreshing New World

Insomnia Gaming Festival – Preview It’s been an entire console generation since the last main entry into the Borderlands series and playing Borderlands 3 was like stepping into a comfortable set of old slippers. Immediately boasting its crisp combat, it’s clear the quality of life improvements that have been made to bolster a more refined […]

Insomnia Gaming Festival 65: Retrospective

Multiple times a year, the UK plays host to a progressively expansive festival known as Insomnia Gaming Festival. As of August bank holiday weekend, the event has now reached its 65th show, taking place at the National Exhibition Centre located in Birmingham, England. Starting off as a celebration for the PC gaming community, the festival […]