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West of Dead: A Gunslinging Good Time

As a fan of the Marvel Comics character Ghost Rider, Mike Mignola’s artwork, and Ron Perlman due to his stellar voice performance as Slade from the Teen Titans cartoon series (among other credits), West of Dead was one of the titles that stood out the most to me during the Guerilla Collective presentation series. Now […]

Project Winter Review

Ever wanted to plot, scheme, and stab your friends in the back? Then Project Winter is just the game for you. Following a premise similar to that of table-top Werewolf, Mafia, or Gmod’s Trouble in Terrorist Town, Project Winter puts eight players on an arctic wasteland. Their goal: to collaborate in finding enough resources to […]

Gravity Slamming on the Switch – An Interview With the Developer of Collidalot

“Nintendo is Incredibly supportive to Indie Game Developers” Indies often have personal stories, as does Ray Aflakian, Head of Marketing from the Seattle Indie studio Grunka Munka Games. Unlike other studios we’ve interviewed (Sam West, Creator of Beyond the Veil for example), this studio started their latest project with a secure funding from the Academy […]

An Interview with Greg Lobanov, Creator of Wandersong

Interview: “I love bards. Their role and skills are silly” You play as a walking musical instrument! You can run, jump, and sing anytime you want. Different things respond to your music in different ways. You use your song to solve puzzles and help characters while playing as a bard who finds out he can […]

An Interview With Sam West, Creator Of Beyond The Veil

  • AvatarBy Kevin de Bruin
  • September 6, 2018
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Interview: “like all artistic endeavours, there is no guarantee of stable income” Just imagine someone creating his game at home all by himself. He works alone and has no financial security himself. At the end it will never be sure if the bill can be paid, while he works full time. Well – Video game […]

Untitled Goose Game is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Developer House House has officially announced a release window for Untitled Goose Game, and it is coming to the Nintendo Switch. It also looks like the name is sticking. Before, it was assumed to be a placeholder title. Untitled Goose Game puts the player in the role of a goose that wreaks havoc upon the […]

Epic Games Alumni Start New Project: Soundfall

Nick Cooper and Julian Trutmann are both seasoned veterans that hail from powerhouse game developer Epic Games. They both have years of experience in the industry creating titles such as Gears of War, Paragon (rest in peace) and Fortnite. So them coming together to create a new start-up studio called Drastic Games sounds pretty good […]

Gingers Save The World Once Again

Do you ever find yourself thinking “how cool would it be to have a sword or maybe some claws made out of pure crystal”. You might think about it so often that you catch yourself holding out your hand, trying to concentrate and harness the dormant magic within to achieve this goal. At least, you […]