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Exploring Mars Horizon: An Interview with Auroch Digital

Mars Horizon is primarily a strategy game in which you take on the role of controlling a government space agency at the start of the space race. You’ll have the choice of countries between the USA, Russia or Europe, and then it’s up to you to send rockets into space and start your journey to […]

A Look At An Upcoming Indie Game: Bloodroots

Bloodroots is a fast-paced action game that puts your reaction time to the test as you brutally fight your way through the “weird west.” Paper Cult Games released the demo for this title earlier this week, giving a first impression of the game. With its captivating gameplay and goofy nature, I went from someone who […]

An Interview with the Creators of Whispers of a Machine

Playing a detective with superpowers in a point-and-click adventure game? Sign me up. When I first came across this game on Steam, the premise instantly captured my imagination, so I reached out to Clifftop Games, the studio behind Whispers of a Machine. I was enthused to receive a reply from Joel Staaf Hästö, programmer and […]

Unbound: Worlds Apart – A Puzzling Interdimensional Platformer

I’m always on the hunt for innovative platformers, so I was pumped when I stumbled across Unbound: Worlds Apart. After tinkering with its ingenious portal mechanism for a while in the demo, I’m convinced it’s definitely a title to keep an eye on. Fortunately, the game’s Kickstarter has already nearly doubled its initial goal, and […]

VA-11 HALL-A Review

VA-11 HALL-A (Read: Valhalla) is 5 parts visual novel, 6 parts character development, 3 parts charm, 4 parts mixing drinks with a dash of vulgarity thrown in. All of these elements are on the rocks and deeply blended, expertly mixing them to create an engaging and solid experience. Time to mix drinks and change lives! […]

Interview with the Creator of Mini Gal4Xy: A Sci-fi 4X Space Opera

Do you adore all things sci-fi, cute anthropomorphic cartoon characters, and challenging strategy games with user-friendly economies and fast-paced, turn-based combat? If so, then we’ve got the perfect upcoming title for you, Mini Gal4Xy, a gorgeous 4X light strategy game set in outer space. If you’re unfamiliar with the genre, it’s basically those games where […]

Baba is You Review: Game is Win

Nothing is more rewarding than being stuck on something that just doesn’t seem possible, only to brilliantly solve the unsolvable and Baba Is You is a new puzzle game that is chock full of that moment over and over again. I have played many games but it has been a long time since I have […]

Hyper Jam is Action Packed Neon Fun

Do you like the cyberpunk aesthetic? Do you love pumping synth wave music? Do you love beating the crap out of your friends on the television screen? Then Bit Dragon’s new brawler, Hyper Jam, is for you! But what is it and is it something that brings the fun? Let’s discuss! Hyper Jam is a […]

Beat Cop Review

Laying down the law one ticket at a time WARNING: This game is rated M for Mature, and includes harsh language, sexual content and explicit information related to drugs and crime. If you’re looking for a trip down memory lane, deep into the childhood dreams you had about being a police detective, with shows like […]

Pop Up Dungeon Is A Game to Keep An Eye On

I find myself often scrolling through Steam games late at night to find that next hidden gem and in most cases, finding that treasure can be very difficult. However, the other night I might have stumbled upon something with major potential. Pop Up Dungeon is a turn-based, tactical RPG game where you walk through a […]