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New Games to Cool You Off This Summer: Summer in Mara

For this edition of New Games to Cool You Off This Summer, we’re coming up and out from the ocean and on to some tropical islands in developer Chibig’s new title: Summer in Mara, enjoying everything that comes with a relaxing island life. Summer in Mara is a life sim in the vein of Animal […]

Enchanted Portals Interview

For those looking for a new platforming, boss-rush game with old cartoony animation then look no further! Enchanted Portals has you covered. This is something we have talked about a couple of times over on Indie Pod -a podcast all about indie games- and wanted to know a little bit more about. And the developers […]

One Step From Eden: Review

Indie games can be considered the birthplace of many truly inventive ideas or even the resurrection of concepts long lost. One Step from Eden, with its own unique spin, recalls nostalgia for the long-departed Mega Man Battle Network series. The game adds a modern and stylish touch to the formula, with increased difficulty and roguelike […]

Bucket Knight Review: Not the Hero I’m Looking For

Games are advancing in a way that was never thought possible at a rate that makes it hard to keep up with the latest trends and emerging genres. At the same time, developers and players still seem to love to always go back to the classics. Think Shovel Knight or The Messenger. Both incredible games […]

Lightmatter Review

“The floor is lava.”  Most would associate the above sentence as one coming from a kid’s game, where imaginations would fuel your games. Not Lightmatter. Lightmatter is a Single-player First Person Puzzler, where you solve puzzles using light to, for lack of a better term, illuminate your way. The very substance of the ambitious is […]

Interview with WitchCrafter Dev: Pawel Jarosz

Pawel Jarosz is an indie developer making an action RPG game called WitchCrafter. As something that started out as a simple idea, WitchCrafter is shaping up to be something special. We had the pleasure of chatting with Pawel about the game, his process and more. You can follow WitchCrafter progress on Twitter, support the game […]

Dauntless Continues to Improve

Author note: I play Dauntless on PS4. Recently, I have been on the hunt for a game that I can really dive into. Something to hold me over until Cyberpunk 2077 arrives. As we all know now, CD Projekt Red has delayed their much-anticipated game until later this year. So finding a game to get […]

What the Golf? Review: Go Ahead and Strut that Putt

2019 definitely has to be one of the wackiest years for video games. We’ve had a villainous goose, a cat in a mech suit, and even a sheep moving the world with words. But now comes the strangest of them all, the golf ball! If you’re not aware, Triband has recently released What the Golf? […]

Exploring Mars Horizon: An Interview with Auroch Digital

Mars Horizon is primarily a strategy game in which you take on the role of controlling a government space agency at the start of the space race. You’ll have the choice of countries between the USA, Russia or Europe, and then it’s up to you to send rockets into space and start your journey to […]

A Look At An Upcoming Indie Game: Bloodroots

Bloodroots is a fast-paced action game that puts your reaction time to the test as you brutally fight your way through the “weird west.” Paper Cult Games released the demo for this title earlier this week, giving a first impression of the game. With its captivating gameplay and goofy nature, I went from someone who […]