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World of Warcraft Classic and Modern Comparison

Since its release on 26/27th of August, World of Warcraft’s fanbase has been divided into two groups, people who prefer Modern version and the ones swearing by Classic. With the same game having two different versions it brings the inevitable question: “Which one is better?”. While there is no certain answer for that, after wandering […]

It’s Time For Diablo 4

The demon slaying, dungeon crawling spectacle that is Diablo 3 has recently made its way to the Nintendo Switch, where players can finally get lost in the world of Sanctuary and fight their way through millions of enemies to get that sweet, sweet loot. Totally unrelated to the Switch release, my wife and I finally […]

Forbes Leaks Diablo 3 is Coming to Switch, Surprising No One

Earlier, Forbes accidentally published an article that confirmed Diablo 3 is indeed coming to Nintendo Switch. Blizzard had seemingly teased the game earlier but later denied that they were alluding to a Switch release. Since then, the company has remained ominously quiet about the port, worrying fans. The article published by Forbes was immediately taken […]

Overwatch’s New Hero is About to Wreck the Meta

And more updates on Overwatch patch 1.26.03 Tank mains, rejoice! With today’s patch, Wrecking Ball a.k.a. Hammond is now on the live servers. Although he is only available in Quick Play and Arcade at the moment, you can now start training with him. Don’t let the cute hamster deceive you, Wrecking Ball promises to destroy […]