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Call of Cthulhu Review

(Review code provided by Evolve PR) There I was: out of breath and down to my last bullet. The mindless drones will attack me if I so much as sneeze in their direction. The group of religious zealots standing behind them isn’t filling me with confidence either. It’s now or never, Edward. If you can […]

Super Mario Party: Getting this Party Back On Track

Mario Party is the type of game that needs no introduction. I have such fond memories of the original Mario Party so I was extremely excited to get my hands on the new addition to the series! Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch came out on October 5th and is bringing back the elements […]

SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption (Review-in-progress)

C.S. Lewis once said: “The safest road to hell is the gradual one,” a sentiment very much embodied in Dark Star’s RPG infused hack ‘n’ slasher: SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption. The world has been ravaged by meteor storms and it is up to the presumably eponymous Sinner to find out what happened. To do this, […]

Wandersong: A Song To Remember

Strip a game down to its core and you will generally find a pattern of playing as a character who must vanquish their foes. Many games do this via different methods, such as weapons or mystical powers. But what if I told you there was a game where instead you could only use the power […]

Life is Strange 2 Episode 1: Review

I’m not ashamed to admit that every now and then I’ll stare at a cup with my hand stretched out, hoping to see it move or shake. Alas, my telekinetic ability is still latent, instead of my mind moving the cup, my girlfriend takes pity on me and hands it to me instead. But I […]

Megaquarium Review: Virtually Becoming My Father

I know, I know! This is a strange title but I grew up in a household where my father was constantly working on fish tanks. For years, I can recall hearing terms like protein skimmers, chillers, and fluorescent lights and never batted an eyelash. Now I can finally live in the footsteps of my father […]

Message in a Bottle: A Gamer’s Review of Battle for Azeroth

It was a hot summer evening as I walked across campus, glistening with sweat. As I stopped for a moment’s respite, I sat on a bench at the edge of a lake. Tired, stressed, and yearning for my computer back home, I found myself lost in thought. It was then that I noticed the glint […]

The Messenger Review: A Retro Masterpiece

Living in an age where retro is becoming its own video game genre, we are getting a surge of amazing ports and remakes of all types of nostalgic wonders. Sabotage Studio is taking this a step further by taking some of the greatest elements from classics like Metroid and Ninja Gaiden to create The Messenger. […]

Minit Review: A Mini Majora’s Mask

If you only had one minute to live what would you do? This is the question Minit raises. In most games, dying is the main thing you are trying to avoid on your quest to complete objectives. However, Minit does not give you the option to stray from death. This is a unique adventure game […]

Candleman: the Complete Journey Review

Before you continue reading, I feel the need to let you know that this was reviewed using a review code provided by the developer and or a PR company. Imagine that ten seconds of light is the only thing separating you and certain doom, but using said light could also cost you everything. Do you […]