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Baba is You Review: Game is Win

Nothing is more rewarding than being stuck on something that just doesn’t seem possible, only to brilliantly solve the unsolvable and Baba Is You is a new puzzle game that is chock full of that moment over and over again. I have played many games but it has been a long time since I have […]

The Division 2 Review

It’s easy to lose yourself in The Division 2, with such sprawling environments that encourage exploration, to the amount of world events that it holds, including mini-bosses, bounties and civilians to save. This amounts to a massively enjoyable session of gaming, one that rewards your time and effort with plenty, and I do mean PLENTY, […]

Beat Cop Review

Laying down the law one ticket at a time WARNING: This game is rated M for Mature, and includes harsh language, sexual content and explicit information related to drugs and crime. If you’re looking for a trip down memory lane, deep into the childhood dreams you had about being a police detective, with shows like […]

Treasure Stack Review: How does it Stack Up?

When you think of puzzle games, the main ones that come to mind are Tetris, Lumines, or Puyo Puyo, right? PixeLakes is trying to build a new brand name to add to that collection with their recent release, Treasure Stack. Jump, grapple, and stack your way through a chaotic adventure to see how long you […]

Anthem Review

Bioware’s new live service game, Anthem, is a mixed bag for me. There is a lot there that is done right, but there is this dark cloud of issues that is always raining down on you. I wanted to approach this review with a basic setup to make it easy to digest. There are some […]

City of Brass Review: Grave Robbing Never Looked So Good

This first-person, Nights-themed roguelike will give you a run for your money. Do you love everything about Disney’s animated film Aladdin except its G rating? Then you need to check out City of Brass. This first-person procedurally generated dungeon-crawler by Uppercut Games is a thrilling romp through a treacherous, One Thousand and One Nights-inspired city […]

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Review: Amazing Skies

Let’s get this straight: Ace Combat 7 is by no stretch of the imagination a flight simulator. It is, however, one heck of a flight action game, filled with airplanes that will make even the most aircraft-obsessed person weep with joy. With plenty of room to maneuver your planes and shoot down enemies, Ace Combat […]

Apex Legends Review

The battle royale genre is something that I have not experienced too much. I have played a few matches in Fortnite and realized it was not for me. I have also played a bit of Blackout, which was fun but I did not stick around too long. The genre has seen plenty of games come […]

Kingdom Hearts 3: Sora’s Overloaded Adventure

Whether you are a fan or not, individuals who have knowledge of the gaming world have more than likely heard about the Disney mash-up known as Kingdom Hearts. If you are a fan like me, you have played the first and second main console games and then waited for what feels like forever to scratch […]

Book of Demons Review

“Don’t Judge a Book of Demons By Its Cover” I’ve always been a fan of dungeon crawling games but nothing really comes close to the nostalgic wonders that is the original Diablo. It’s a game that defined an entire genre of diverse titles. Book of Demons takes the core dungeon crawler experience and asks the […]