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Persona 5 Royale Is The Perfect Reason To get Into Persona

Even though it was released back in 2017, people are still constantly talking about Persona 5. After years of waiting for the game to come out, Atlus did not disappoint as fans and critics were in love with the world of Persona 5. Rewind to a couple of months ago and there were many rumours […]

Why The Borderlands 3 Marketing Campaign Is Genius

Since Borderlands 3 was announced, it seems like the series has been on everyone’s mind. This is due to Gearboxes’ absolutely flawless marketing of the series. Starting with when Borderlands 3 was first announced, they showed a good mix of cinematics and gameplay. With games like Borderlands 3, where people have known that it has […]

Gears of War & Halo Were The Most Boring Part Of Microsoft’s Show

Gears of War and Halo are easily Xbox’s biggest titles throughout the years. Since Halo 1 on the original Xbox, it has been the company’s flagship title and both franchises have been at pretty much every E3 since their creation. These games have huge fan bases and sell their respective consoles, so of course they […]

Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational Shows Great New Gameplay

Today, during Nintendo’s tournament showcase, they ran contests for three different games: Splatoon 2, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Super Mario Maker 2. The first tournament was the Super Mario Maker 2 invitational, featuring  players/YouTubers/content creators The Completionist, Abdallah, thedragonfeeney, and Yellowkillerbee. This invitational was very fun and competitive, but more importantly, it expertly showcased […]

Jedi Fallen Order Looks Good, But I Don’t Trust EA

During the EA conference today, which started off E3, we got our first look at gameplay of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. After the 15 minutes we saw, I can honestly say that my opinions on the game have changed quite a bit. When I first heard about it, I was so uninterested that this […]

Why You Should Be Excited For Fire Emblem Three Houses

Fire Emblem Three Houses is less than two months away and oh boy, am I excited. Tons of information has been released from Famitsu articles and although people are definitely talking about it,  it seems like large publications are being kind of quiet on all the info. There are a bunch of mechanics being added […]

Tears in Rain: How Blade Runner Bleeds into Video Games

It’s hardly a coincidence that Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner — a movie about hunting down renegade androids — came out the same year as Robotron: 2084, a game in which players save the last of the human race from evil robots. The year 1982 marked a moment in history when the concept of artificial intelligence […]

Dauntless: Slaying Behemoths With a Smile

To many, the Monster Hunter look-alike is simply that: just a Monster Hunter clone. And I won’t deny that the game obviously shares a lot of the same elements as the esteemed Monster Hunter franchise. But Dauntless has taken the monster hunting genre and made it its own. Now I’m not saying it reinvented the […]

Puyo Puyo Champions is No Joke For A Novice

I’ve never been the biggest fan of puzzle games, but every once in awhile I like to enjoy games like Wario’s Woods, Yoshi, and Puzzle Bobble. I had always heard good things about Puyo Puyo, so I decided to give Puyo Puyo Champions* a try. It is safe to say I had absolutely no idea […]

Game Pass is the Future of Xbox

For weeks I’d been staring at the three months of Game Pass for $1 advertisement on my Xbox dashboard every time I turned the console on. Each time I thought, “that’s a pretty good deal.” But then I’d simply move on to play whatever I turned on the console for in the first place. Last […]