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The Division vs. The Division 2

This article is a collaborative piece between two of our writers, Tyler and Serge. The Division 2 dropped over five months ago now, and what a ride it has been. With the release of the new Year One DLC, it’s time to look back at the game and reflect on what has changed since the […]

2019 is a Great Year for Pokemon’s Competition

Pokémon Sword & Shield have been a hot button issue for some time now. Between the National Dex controversy, the lack of graphical fidelity, new mechanics that will just seemingly be left out in future entries and more, it seems like this may be the first new-generation main entry a larger number of fans would […]

Pokemon Go Is The Best Take On The Franchise In Years

Pokémon Go Is The Best Take On The Franchise In Years For the past month or so, the Pokémon community has been embroiled in a controversy regarding the National Dex in the upcoming Sword and Shield versions. And while I personally don’t care enough about said issue, I have to admit that for the longest […]

Genesis, the New PS4 MOBA, Is a Mixed Bag of Fun

I never thought I would be writing about Paragon again but hey, here we are. Is Paragon still dead? Absolutely. Will the PS4 ever get a new MOBA? Yes. And that game is called Genesis by Rampage Games. Now, Genesis is not Paragon, but after some time in Genesis, I can say that there are […]

Why Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Isn’t As Bad As You Remember

Call of Duty is one of the biggest franchises ever to hit the sphere of gaming, even though there is a new game every single year, it continues to sell by the shed load. Despite its fantastic commercial success, it has still churned out entries that both fans and critics found disappointing. One of the […]

Tired of Waiting for Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Try Dragon Quest Builders 2

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the long awaited Nintendo Switch installment of the popular anthropomorphic-animal-filled life sim game, was first announced in the September 2018 Nintendo Direct and later shown at E3 2019. During E3, it was revealed that Animal Crossing wouldn’t see its Switch debut until March 20, 2020. Fans were understandably disappointed, but this […]

The Many Teases of Final Fantasy VII Remake

“Final Fantasy VII Remake has a release date.” News regarding the highly anticipated project always leaves fans waiting with bated breath, given how many questions surround the remake. Is the game still going to be released episodically? Is the game coming to multiple consoles? When will we finally be able to play the game? The […]

Fire Emblem Three Houses Shouldn’t Be Compared To Persona

Ever since we saw gameplay from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a lot of news publications have compared it to another popular JRPG series: Persona. With the embargo lifting a few days ago, allowing people to give their early impressions, this comparison is all the more prevalent. The problem is that it does both of these […]

DLC in Modern Gaming: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

It’s not always easy to come up with content for the internet, whether it’s choosing a game to stream, ideas for a video piece or a topic to write an article on. Luckily for me something popped up on Twitter this week that started a conversation and really got me thinking, so in this piece […]

Destiny 2: The Season of Opportunity

Good ole Destiny 2. If I can say anything about Bungie’s Destiny franchise, is that they always find a way to pull me back in. But this little discussion is going to be a little different. I am actually looking forward to what Bungie has in store for the esteemed “schlooter” (is this really a […]