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Vex Offensive: A Missed Opportunity (Opinion)

This past Tuesday, Bungie delivered the Vex Offensive: Final Assault, the second half of their newest arena mode released with Shadowkeep. If you were like me and blasted through the Vex Offensive triumphs, you’ve probably already earned your shiny new Undying title. Congratulations on the achievement. But when we set the cool title aside, the […]

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost Brings the Spooky

It’s the armor I tell you Destiny 2 Shadowkeep has been really fun for me so far. Between the nightmare hunts and the Vex invasions, I have been enjoying my time. Every year Bungie rolls out the spooky decorations and turns off the lights in the Infinite Forest. It’s a time of reflection, random rolls […]

Destiny 2: The Recluse is a Must-Have (Opinion)

If you would have told me at the beginning of the year that one of the most powerful weapons to come out of Forsaken would be a legendary SMG from a PvP quest, I would have called you a liar. Thankfully, we never had that conversation and I like to collect pinnacle weapons and other […]

World of Warcraft Classic and Modern Comparison

Since its release on 26/27th of August, World of Warcraft’s fanbase has been divided into two groups, people who prefer Modern version and the ones swearing by Classic. With the same game having two different versions it brings the inevitable question: “Which one is better?”. While there is no certain answer for that, after wandering […]

The Campaign in the New Yu-Gi-Oh! Game is Missing Some Things

As a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! Ever since the anime and card game first came to North America in 2002, I was overjoyed when I found out that Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution would be getting a western release as well as the first physical release in eight years. I was even lucky […]

Atomicrops: Farming Simulators Gone Wild!

There are a number of well regarded simulation games out there that have quite the enthusiastic fan base to tell you how amazing and relaxing they can be. However, I often find myself struggling to find interest in this style of gameplay. I would rather have something a little more action packed and with Atomicrops, […]

Minion Masters is a Great Example of Video Game Onboarding

For those like me, I had no idea about a game called Minion Masters even though it had been out in early access since 2016. As with many games, it can feel pretty daunting to jump into something that has already been around for some time and built up a community of players who know […]

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Preview: Scarily Enjoyable

Insomnia Gaming Festival – Preview Replaying Luigi’s Mansion & Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon recently has showcased how incredible of a job Nintendo did with this unique series, and Luigi’s Mansion 3 is no different. Within a few minutes of the demo it was clear how much love has been poured into this property and enough […]

Borderlands 3: A Familiar, Yet Refreshing New World

Insomnia Gaming Festival – Preview It’s been an entire console generation since the last main entry into the Borderlands series and playing Borderlands 3 was like stepping into a comfortable set of old slippers. Immediately boasting its crisp combat, it’s clear the quality of life improvements that have been made to bolster a more refined […]

Marvel’s Avengers: First Thoughts

Gamescom has been a treasure trove of new trailers and information drops on the general community, and it has been a blast. Having had the chance to look at the gameplay trailer of Marvel’s Avengers, the new game by Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Interactive and SquareEnix, I really have only one thing to say about this […]