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The Hidden Story: Body Language in Video Games

Video games have been telling stories since their advent in the 20th century, but it was not until graphics began to evolve into three-dimensional space that the capacity for nuanced body language was created. Storytelling could open up into the subtle world of non-verbal storytelling and the recent God of War and DOOM reboots truly […]

What Matters Now: The Inevitability of Dead Games

I remember the first time I played Demon Souls, the precursor to the critically acclaimed Dark Souls. Who could forget dying in a tutorial? Or missing your bloodstain by mere inches? Or maybe taking on a boss with only a club and a loincloth? These mechanics are now commonplace in the genre, but experiencing it […]

A Rabbit Hole Named Dragon Ball FighterZ

How a simple game made me more invested in fighting games than ever before When Dragon Ball FighterZ released for the Switch a week ago, I decided to get it even though I already owned it for the PC. My reasoning was that it would make a great couch/multiplayer game that I could crack open […]

How Dragon Quest XI Increased My Interest in the Main Series

I’ve known about Dragon Quest from a young age, since back when I first had my Game Boy Color. However, back then I didn’t know how RPGs besides Pokemon worked, so of course I didn’t have much interest in them. My first foray into the franchise was with Dragon Quest Monsters (Dragon Warrior Monsters in […]

Final Fantasy: A Homecoming

What started with pretty surprising and welcome news of Final Fantasy XII – The Zodiac Age getting a Switch port, quickly turned into me staring at the screen slack-jawed and teary-eyed. Final Fantasy VII (FFVII) is coming to the Nintendo Switch You might be thinking “come now, Jason. FFVII has now appeared on many platforms. […]

How Telltale Games Made Me and Still Makes Me Cry

Telltale employees need protection against angry ‘fans’ and their former bosses This week a lot of people were shocked when they heard the terrible news about the closure of Telltale games. I loved their games, and even now I can cry about the stories they delivered us. There aren’t many games that left me flabbergasted […]

Super Mario Odyssey: Praise The Sunshine

I must open this with an admission. I am guilty. Guilty of one of gaming’s greatest crimes. I have not played Super Mario 64. I am ashamed, repentant even, but this is the truth. I know it’s an incredible game, one that revolutionized 3D platforming. It is often held upon the pedestal of the greatest […]

How A ‘Digital Download Future’ Shows Its Pitfalls

Steam, Origin and other services make it possible to buy your games whenever you want. The Xbox, PlayStation and even Nintendo’s Switch all have eShops available to buy digital copies of the exact same games that you might find on the shelves of your local games retailer. A lot of companies have found out that […]

We Need A True Modern Power Rangers Game

2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise, with its celebration including but not limited to: the interdimensional comic crossover event, Shattered Grid, an upcoming graphic novel called Soul of the Dragon, a visual history book, the ongoing Power Rangers Hyperforce Twitch tabletop RPG series, the sixth semi-annual Power Morphicon convention, and an […]

The Smash Bros. Direct has renewed my hope about potential fighters.

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was full of surprise reveals, key among them that Simon Belmont, Richter Belmont and none other than fan-favorite King K. Rool will be joining the fight. Smash fans are thrilled after the presentation, and rightfully so. Personally, although the announcements mentioned above are exciting in their own right, I think the best […]