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The Secret Ending of Metal Gear Solid V

If you played Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (MGSV) and felt like there was something missing, well then you weren’t alone. And you weren’t wrong either. Once the game reaches its climax and Snake defeats Sahelanthropus, pieces of the story are tied up neatly. Quiet reveals her story and vanishes, Huey is banished […]

Final Fantasy 13 MUST Get Ported To Switch

Gamers, we have been slighted in the most horrible way. We walk around, empathetic to our current situation, acting like it isn’t there, but it is, and it’s both embarrassing and ridiculous that it has taken this long for someone to speak out about it. We don’t ask for much, fun games that we can […]

CrowdFunding Games You Need to Know: May 2019

Here at Parallax Media, we are always keeping an eye out for the next big thing when it comes to games. That means scouring the various crowdfunding sites out there (Kickstarter, Fig, etc.) to see what inspiring developers are bringing to the table! Let’s take a look at some of our hot picks for May […]

The Top Video Game Soundtracks For Relaxing

Now that I have my first year of writing about video games under my belt, I’ve gotten into the same routine of how I get my writing done. This routine almost always includes listening to video game soundtracks as I write. These are either some of my favourites, or the soundtrack of whatever game I’m […]

Boring Jobs Make For Amazing Games

This article was written by Charlie, a guest writer from Unleash The Gamer. Check em out! If you were to ask me what I was, I would say a writer. If you were to ask my boss what I was, he would say a contributor. If you were to ask my parents what I was, […]

The Soul of Animal Crossing

I’ve spent the past few days tossing and turning, restlessly trying to find a game to play. I opened up Borderlands 2, sank a couple of hours into it and haven’t played it since. I’ve considered buying Wargroove since I’m craving something akin to Fire Emblem but the pragmatist in me knows I have a […]

Astroneer is All That I’ll Ever Need From A Video Game

It was the first Saturday in months where I had absolutely nothing to do. No homework, no work, and no plans. School was getting crazy, I was a month away from graduating from college and the previous week was one of the busiest I’ve had in awhile. Earlier in that week, I was finally able […]

The Aging Gamer: Starting World of Warcraft in 2019

I know what you’re thinking. Why now? Well to answer that question I have to mainly put the blame on my wife. I have always been interested in World of Warcraft from afar. All of the lore and the community it built was something I was always interested in. A majority of my gaming experience […]

The Appeal of French Bread in the West

The games developed by Japanese indie developer French Bread follow a long and rich tradition of 2D fighting games, but the studio’s doujin origins allow it to express a unique aesthetic that now finds itself emerging within American fighting competitions. Last year there was even an American competition solely dedicated to their games, which may […]

Take a Radioactive Blast to the Past with Double Fine’s RAD

There is always a negative connotation with mutations and diseases but with RAD, Double Fine’s newest game in development, all of that will change. RAD takes place in a world after, not one but two apocalypses. You play as a teenager whose village is starting to run out of resources. It is up to you […]