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Seal The Deal: A Hat in Time DLC Opinion

A Hat in Time is a brilliantly, adorable homage to the old classic 3D platforming games like Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie. The developers at Gears for Breakfast launched their Kickstarter campaign which raked in a whopping $296,360 when only initially asking for $30,000. If you aren’t aware of how Kickstarter works, creators will […]

Taking a Dive with Aqua Lungers

This past weekend I helped run a local geek convention, the IGD Expo. The Independent Game Developers Expo is a convention focusing on local developers showcasing their games. The expo was held in the West Monroe Convention Center, in northwest Louisiana. It was our first convention that my friends and I have ever put on. […]

Could We See Official Monster RPG Tournaments Other Than Pokémon in the Future?

In 2018, most people are aware of the Pokémon franchise. Ever since its introduction to society in the late 90’s, both the game and its fanbase have been growing, and although Pokémon gained widespread popularity through the games, anime series, and trading card game, similar series such as Digimon and Monster Rancher were relatively popular […]

There May Be More to Soundfall Than We Think

Soundfall, a musically driven twin-stick dungeon crawler has been recently announced by Drastic Games. Soundfall will focus heavily on rhythm-based gameplay and is really shaping up to be a promising title. After having the trailer playing on a loop solely for the soundtrack for hours (it’s amazing), I started to pay attention to the trailer. […]

Taking a Step Back into Tamriel

Going back to an MMO can be a daunting undertaking, even more so when you start from scratch. You have to get reacquainted with the controls, the game economy, how to properly utilize your abilities for your character, and more. Complicating things further is the bevy of  DLC that expand the world beyond its original […]

Upcoming Indie Games to Keep On Your Radar

We have had a pretty solid year so far in terms of good games releasing. Titles like Monster Hunter World, God of War, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Octopath Traveler, and Detroit: Become Human have put some points back on the AAA games scoreboard. And there are more to come. Looking past the blockbuster hits there are […]

It All Looks So Big From Down Here

I recently had a revelation that may have changed my life for better or worse. What if the bugs you see aren’t actually bugs? Before you immediately assume this revelation was brought on by some experimenting with the fabled “Devil’s Lettuce”, I assure you I was of clear mind, body and soul at the time […]

No Man’s Sky’s NEXT Update Could Revitalize the Game

No Man’s Sky was a game that was mired in negative feedback and controversy when Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, promised a whole lot of content that never made it in the game at launch. No Man’s Sky ended up being a big disappointment for a lot of people. I was super excited about […]

Cyberpunk 2077: Uncovering the Ambition

This year’s E3 was chock-full of beautiful gameplay trailers, bizarre press conferences, and huge announcements. We got to see this studios and publishers show what the future of gaming will offer, and it looks solid. Every year, we get a handful of games that stand out above the rest, and 2018 is not different. We […]