Author: Jon

Interview with Drastic Games: Creator of Soundfall

Drastic Games is the indie studio behind the upcoming musically driven game, Soundfall. The Epic Games alumni have been super busy the last few weeks showing off the game to the players at different events. They did have some time to sit down with us (over the internet) and chat about Soundfall, their studio, and […]

It’s Time For Diablo 4

The demon slaying, dungeon crawling spectacle that is Diablo 3 has recently made its way to the Nintendo Switch, where players can finally get lost in the world of Sanctuary and fight their way through millions of enemies to get that sweet, sweet loot. Totally unrelated to the Switch release, my wife and I finally […]

Parallax Weekly Wrap Up

This week has seen some interesting stories pop up throughout the gaming world. Today I’ll focus on a few that I found interesting. So without further ado, welcome to the first official Parallax Media Weekly Wrap Up (Editor’s note: boy, that’s a mouthful)! This will be a weekly column that gives you a nice summary […]

3 Things That Could Bring Laser League to the Next Level

Hats off to Roll7 for creating such an ambitious game for a small indie studio. The game is sound in its mechanics and has really proven itself in the indie game sphere. Since Roll7 has handed over development updates and support to 505 Games (more on that here) there has been little revealed about the […]

Destiny 2: Forsaken, One Month Later

Disclaimer: I have not completed the new raid, The Last Wish, as of writing this article. Destiny 2: Forsaken has been interesting, for lack of a better term. It’s been out for a few weeks now, and I wanted to write this article after the dust settled (which in Destiny can take some time). I […]

Laser League is Chaotic Fun You Have to Try

PlayStation Plus games have been a real hit or miss with me personally. Some nights I’ll jump on the store to browse the new wares to find something unique or interesting. Most of the time I forget about the many games that are free to me. I always know what they’re at the beginning of […]

Taking a Dive with Aqua Lungers

This past weekend I helped run a local geek convention, the IGD Expo. The Independent Game Developers Expo is a convention focusing on local developers showcasing their games. The expo was held in the West Monroe Convention Center, in northwest Louisiana. It was our first convention that my friends and I have ever put on. […]

Destiny 2: Forsaken So Far

If Bungie is good at anything it’s grabbing players by the collar and dragging them back to their game. Expansion after expansion I, and many others find ourselves jumping back into Destiny 2 to see what new stuff has dropped, and lately, there has been a big disappointment. The prior DLCs have been lacking in […]

Parallax Media’s Game of the Year Picks So Far

Now that we have officially reached September 2018 and have some of the biggest game releases of the year coming up, I thought it would be a good idea to have some of the writers and editors at Parallax write about what they consider to be their game of the year so far, as well […]

There May Be More to Soundfall Than We Think

Soundfall, a musically driven twin-stick dungeon crawler has been recently announced by Drastic Games. Soundfall will focus heavily on rhythm-based gameplay and is really shaping up to be a promising title. After having the trailer playing on a loop solely for the soundtrack for hours (it’s amazing), I started to pay attention to the trailer. […]