Author: Billy Clarke

Why Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Isn’t As Bad As You Remember

Call of Duty is one of the biggest franchises ever to hit the sphere of gaming, even though there is a new game every single year, it continues to sell by the shed load. Despite its fantastic commercial success, it has still churned out entries that both fans and critics found disappointing. One of the […]

Did Microsoft Meet Expectations at E3

With the glaring absence of Sony at this year’s E3, the stars aligned for Microsoft to really get a lead on its competitor and win over the gaming crowd back towards the Xbox brand. The stage was literally set for Microsoft to blow Sony out of the water and leave them playing catch-up going into […]

A Love Letter to Split/Second: Velocity

Racing games, on the outside are very attractive propositions to gamers and non-gamers alike. You don’t have to explain to somebody what the object of such a game is. You get in a car and try to get to the end of the course before the other racers, simple. However, like fighting games, they can […]

VA-11 HALL-A Review

VA-11 HALL-A (Read: Valhalla) is 5 parts visual novel, 6 parts character development, 3 parts charm, 4 parts mixing drinks with a dash of vulgarity thrown in. All of these elements are on the rocks and deeply blended, expertly mixing them to create an engaging and solid experience. Time to mix drinks and change lives! […]

What Microsoft and Nintendo’s Partnership Means For The Future

With the announcement of Cuphead on the Switch, the gaming landscape has been well and truly shaken going forward. Nintendo used to be the dominant force in gaming, revitalizing a whole industry that had collapsed upon itself. They went head to head with Sega and Sony in a brutal, no prisoners console war, battling them […]

How Google Can Make Stadia A Success

With the announcement of Google Stadia at GDC 2019, a major player has entered the gaming arena for the first time since Microsoft debuted the Xbox back in 2001. Whilst other companies have released their own hardware into the market, none have been as high profile or even close to challenging the domination of the […]