Helloooo Lamer Gamers! Hosts LamerTravis and Rowdy5000 wanted to let you know about the latest season of the Lamer Gamers Podcast. We’ve managed to make the show even more zany than usual while providing discussion, impressions, and news on the hottest gaming topics out there. You can find a list of players over a www.lamergamers.com/subscribe or listen below to some selections from this current season. We do our best to make sure the show is safe for work and give our Lamer Community the chance to comment on the BONUS POINTS question over at our Twitter @lamergamerscast

The biggest change is that you can now find fake sponsors to the show that relate to topics we discuss such as in the “KFC Console is Cuccoo” episode where you can hear commercials for the McDonald’s Shake Machine console, Whataburger “We’re from Texas!” console, Chic-fil-A’s special Paladin Armor Encrusted console and more! You won’t go hungry

You can also find intense movie trailer style skits for events like the Microsoft Acquisition where we have a little too much fun with the news of Microsoft acquiring Bethesda Zenimax. Check out this epic movie trailer below for “THE MICROSOFT ACQUISITION” which we used as a teaser for Season 3 Episode 7.

For fans of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla the Lamer Gamers made a review + spoilercast as a sidequest! They first give you a spoiler free review then give you plenty of warning before they take a Leap of Faith into the spoilercast of Valhalla in the second segment! Expect some funny commercials relating to AC Valhalla throughout the show. In the spoilercast the Lamers discuss the best story arcs, epic weapon combinations, favorite characters and more. They also talk about the not so great aspects of the game from glitches to bugs to bad story arcs to terrible enemies.

And finally we’ve added a new Lamer to the crew that will report on PC Gaming News every month or so! We call him Lord Kromdore because he is the ultimate PC elitist and just simply better than those console peasants Rowdy5000 and LamerTravis. You can find his glorious entrance in our latest episode below.

We hope you enjoy the changes we’ve put into the show this season. We are currently putting our hearts and souls into each episode to make sure it is a blast to listen to. If you like what you hear we would love for you to share the show with a Lamer you know! You can also leave us suggestions, comments, questions, and more lamergamerspodcast@gmail.com.

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