After a little over two weeks since its release, Genshin Impact will soon be seeing its newest five-star character release — Klee. MiHoYo has confirmed her explosive entrance via a preview on the Chinese website Bilibili. There is currently no preview available in English, though it is likely that it will come in a day or two.

If you’ve not yet had the opportunity to take part in her story quest, she is a catalyst-wielding Pyro unit that loves bombs and blowing things up. For some odd reason, Jean has her on a tight leash due to the threat of her blowing up the city. Maybe her kit will give us some clues as to why and how?

Normal Attack: Throws thing that go boom when they hit things! Perform up to three explosive attacks, dealing Area of Effect (AoE) Pyro damage.

GIF via Sleipnir on Genshin Impact forums

Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of stamina and deals AoE Pyro damage to enemies after a short casting time.

GIF via Sleipnir on Genshin Impact forums

Elemental Skill – Jumpy Dumpty: Jumpy Dumpty is tons of boom-band-fun! When thrown, Jumpy Dumpty bounces thrice, igniting and dealing AoE Pyro damage with every bounce. On the third bounce, the bomb splits into many mines. The mines will explode upon contact with enemies, or after a short period of time, dealing AoE Pyro damage. Starts with two charges.

GIF via Sleipnir on Genshin Impact forums

Elemental Burst – Sparks ‘n’ Splash: Klee’s Blazing Delight! For the duration of this ability, continuously summon Sparks ‘n’ Splash to attack nearby enemies, dealing AoE Pyro damage.

GIF via Sleipnir on Genshin Impact forums

Passive Talent 1: When Jumpy Dumpty and Normal Attacks deal damage, Klee has a 50% chance to obtain an Explosive Spark. This Explosive Spark is consumed by the next Charged Attack, which costs no stamina and deals 50% increased damage.

Passive Talent 2: When Klee’s Charged Attack results in a crit, all party members gain two elemental energy.

Klee isn’t exactly a “new” character, per se, but she will be the newest addition to the roster that is available on the live servers. She was available during the beta, and was explosive enough for fans to remain patient with their spending so that they could add this adorable Pyro unit to their roster.

You only have four days left on the Venti banner, so if you’ve yet to get one of your own and are adamant about doing so, make sure to do so soon. If you are already a proud owner of the Anemo god, make sure to put a halt on any primogem or crystal spending so that you can try your hand at getting the Knights of Favonius’ Spark Knight!

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