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On the menu for today is a battle royal, but one with a much more hilarious and possibly rage-inducing nature. The video game we will be playing is…*drum roll please*…Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! We will be accompanying this playing experience with a nice bowl of fettuccine alfredo pasta.

To begin, let’s give a brief introduction and background on this game. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, or simply “Fall Guys” has been around for about two months now, and has gained popularity as a funny battle arena that is equally entertaining as it is frustrating. The game’s last man standing concept is combined with playful colors, music, and challenges, creating a hilarious mix of silliness and competitiveness. In plain pasta terms, this game is a nice mix of al dente noodles, creamy sauce, with a surprise hint of cayenne pepper.

In the game, players can choose to dress up their little “bean” of a character with different colored paints, patterns, and costumes. Naturally, I did also hope for a pasta themed costume to wear as I scrambled to the finish line, but alas I have not yet come across such a costume. 

Once your character is ready to go and looking their best, you and up to 59 other players are dropped to one of twelve random arenas. These can range from kicking down doors to clearing your path, to actually being knocked around by the turbines of a windmill as you sprint to the finish line! I admit to becoming pretty salty when it seems like I just can’t get past an obstacle, although it is still hilarious to watch.

There is a taste of frustration in this game as players are not really given a tutorial or crash course, they are just thrown into the deep end. A major criticism circulating so far is that the game lacks an offline mode, and players cannot choose to compete against an AI or even another friend in a split-screen mode. However, this critique must be taken with a grain of salt. A large part of what makes Fall Guys fun is how difficult it is to spot a pro versus a beginner. Each game is filled with random players, and to become a “pro”,  players need a healthy serving of finesse, luck and a dash of experience playing through the courses. 

Another ingredient found in this game is chaos. Whether too many players attempt to squeeze through a small opening, or some serious sabotage occurs as one player decides to grab onto another to impede their progress, players never truly know when a game might take a turn for the worst! Either way, even if you qualified for the next round or were eliminated, you had a good laugh either way.

I did appreciate the little gestures my character could do to tease other players if I was feeling a little saucy towards the end of a course!

However, one thing that I found particularly frustrating however was that it seemed as if I was always playing the same 4 courses, and I have yet to actually play every course in the game. I’m not sure if some arenas are just more common than others, but let’s just say that door dash will forever be ingrained in my brain.

As the second season begins and players are able to enjoy new courses and arenas, I am sure that this game’s popularity and level of entertainment will continue to satisfy. All in all, Fall Guys is a quirky game that is savory, salty, and will leave you craving just one more game.

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