About a month after the announcement for Among Us 2, the developers at InnerSloth have announced in a blog post that they are pulling the plug on the sequel. Though this news comes shortly after their announcement for the sequel, it seems to have come after much discussion; the idea being to create a better version of the game that players already have in their hands.

Fighting to keep its servers alive for their small player base after two years of being released, Among Us, seemingly, struck gold out of nowhere and became one of the biggest games watched on Twitch and YouTube. The small developer team at InnerSloth is still struggling with their servers, but nowadays it is because of the overwhelming amount of people that want to play their game. A much more desirable side of the coin, if you ask me.

After the influx of players and viewers they stumbled upon, InnerSloth decided it was time to set their sight on Among Us 2. Many people were shocked by this. Myself, and I am sure many others, thought Among Us was a recent release with how it appeared out of nowhere. To see a sequel announced so soon was a little odd, but this wasn’t the case. After releasing in 2018, Among Us has had to go through many phases of growth to meet what players desired of it. Now, having over 100,000 players hourly, much more is being demanded of them. Having not been created to support this scale of players, their solution to satisfy and support their player base was to create something from scratch that would be better built to do so. Or, so they thought.

Their new plan is to dig deep into the fragile code of Among Us to allow them to support the ideas they intended for Among Us 2. Their plan for a second game made sense; there was too much work to fix the game. Making a new one from scratch was more efficient. However, it appears that they are willing to undertake the task. They’ve publicly admitted that making a new game would be more efficient, but the downside was that they had no clear path laid out for the first game. When would new content stop being added? When would support for the servers cease? With questions like these looming, they’ve decided to take the path of bettering the game that players have already paid for.

Despite the difficult path they’ve set themselves on, it seems like Among Us has and is going to continue to grow into something much bigger than the small studio at InnerSloth ever intended.

You can play Among Us for $4.99 USD on Steam, or for free on Google Play and the App Store.

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