It has been a long while since I found myself playing a monster taming game. I absolutely loved the old Game Boy Pokémon games. The esteemed franchise was a huge part of my childhood and I will also cherish those memories. I have since fallen off the Pokémon train, except of course Pokémon Go, back when everyone played that for a while. I never even really thought about getting back into it, until I stumbled upon Coromon. A game that puts a modern twist on the genre.

Coromon is a Pokemon-like game where you capture monsters, make them a part of your squad, then go out and fight more. We all know the basic foundation for these games. Nothing new there. Coromon’s monsters are pretty cool and I am finding myself really liking most of the Coromon designs. With Coromon I have found that there are a few improvements on the old style. For one, alongside leveling up your Coromon, you can also unlock their potential along the way. This lets you slot attribute points where you want them. Is your Coromon lacking some defense? Put some points there to make up for it. Want to make your Coromon more balanced? You can spread your allowed points out among several stats. It is a nice way to provide some type customization when building out your team of Coromon.

Something else that just makes the game much more enjoyable to play is the animations, for everything. The animations in battle are awesome. The detail that went into making the pixels come alive during a fight is evident. Each move seems to have its own little movement and it really helps immerse me in the experience. A little thing I noticed that I actually really like is that the backdrop for the fights changes with where you are at that current time. Fighting in a field? You will be surrounded by tall grass during the battle. Fighting off the Umbra Noctis (Coromon’s Team Rocket equivalent) in a lab? Your background will be a metallic room filled with computers and lights. It’s a little touch that does a good job of keeping the formula fresh.

Coromon does a great job of keeping me interested and exploring. There are chests scattered throughout the areas filled with loot. I always get a little excited when I come across a chest out in the wild because it’s usually filled with something I need. So far in the demo I have come across items like spinners (the items used to catch coromon), health cakes, and items you can let your coromon hold that trigger under certain situations to help your coromon in battle. Talking to strangers you meet along the way will sometimes launch a quest making NPCs that much more important. It’s a great way to make the world feel more alive and engaging.

The underlying story in Coromon is actually pretty interesting as well. It sets up a pretty unique universe in that you have to capture these essences from these giant creatures. And of course, you have to fight these giant creatures to capture these essences. So the ultimate goal is not to become the greatest there ever was, but to obtain these essences as a way to learn more about the surrounding world. So far the story is not too bad, and I found myself ready to get to the next part to see what happens next.

With what I have played so far, I can say that Coromon took me by surprise. A few days ago I didn’t even know it existed and now it’s all I play. The game being on my phone really helps too. I can play on my lunch break at work or just on the couch at the house covered in my dogs. I am excited to see what the developers decide to do with adding more to the game. I think a multiplayer/online element could really elevate Coromon to the next level. Being able to battle your friends would be awesome. I can definitely recommend this game to anyone slightly interested in Pokémon or monster taming games.

Coromon is currently available for free on the App Store, Google Play Store and Steam. Check out the official website for more information.

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