BlitzballFinal Fantasy X


Final Fantasy X (FFX) is my favorite from the franchise. The characters, the story, and all the adventures make it a classic for me. Inside FFX is another little treat for anyone that plays the game and that little something is Blitzball. I was blown away by just how in-depth, and fun this minigame was the first time I tried it out. You can find and recruit players from all over the game and trying to make the perfect team is a ton of fun. I remember having the guide book and researching players with the best stats and looking for them while I was playing the game. There would even be tournaments in-game where you would be rewarded with some pretty good items if you came out on top. I absolutely loved Blitzball and it was one of my favorite parts of Final Fantasy X.

Side job mini-games: Nore more heroes 2: Desperate Struggle


One of my all-time favorite Action games is No more Heroes, specifically the second. The mini-games are done in a retro, 8-bit style that takes inspiration from classics. You’ll find one similar to Punch out, where you train to build your strength and stamina by hitting incoming projectiles, part-time chef that has you flipping steaks, and my favorite, Pizza delivery, which is in the style of Mach Rider on the NES. This one has you speeding down a busy highway to get your well-deserved tip. 

Gwent The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt


What’s that? A journey to prevent the destruction of the world? A quest to find your missing daughter? Irrelevant in the face of the best thing to grace modern gaming: Gwent.

Deceptively simple, but layered with so many options for strategy, it’s no wonder this mode — a card game for those unfamiliar — got not one, but *two* standalone experiences. Like how dare any other minigame compete with that? Gwent is where I lost a lot of my hours playing The Witcher 3, there’s just nothing like playing medieval Yu-Gi-Oh!

Run, Rattata, Run Pokémon Stadium


The fact that I just spent a good ten minutes trying to decide which Pokémon Stadium minigame is my favorite says a lot about the game’s many, many options. As a young Pokémon fan, Pokémon Stadium was everything I dreamt about and more, but the minigame section of the game kept me and my friends entertained for hours on days. Run, Rattata, Run just has that adrenaline-fueled gameplay that keeps me on my toes to this very day; if I had to pick just one, it would definitely be this one. That said, all of the minigames in this classic Pokémon game are a blast and will forever be timeless classics. 

Triple Triad – Final Fantasy VIII


Any Final Fantasy fan worth their salt would have definitely heard of, and at least tried, Triple Triad. Simple enough were the rules; have more cards on the board in your favor than your opponent and you’d win. What made it oh so addictive was the fact that having the best hand didn’t necessarily translate to wins. Skill was still a factor, and the game constantly switched rules up to force you to think of your next move. Even the best cards in the game had weaknesses, so strategies were important. The minigames was so popular it made its way into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and has remained incredibly popular, having regular competitions. I have loved the game since its earlier iteration, and will continue to play it when I can. 

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