It’s time for another edition of Parallax Media’s biweekly video game releases, which is where we list all the games – be it big or small – that came out the two past week. Not just full games, but amiibos, apps, DLC, expansions, media, & physical releases too!

This list of game releases was originally produced for a podcast segment on the Canadian Geekcast, which is a four-person geek-related podcast that dives into the realms of movies, TV, video games, tech and whatever else that tickles the hosts’ fancy.

Below are the confirmed North American release dates for games coming to PC, PS4, PSVita, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch for the last two weeks of May. So let’s dive in.

May 11th

Emma: Lost in Memories (PS4 & PSVita) – Price: $7.99 USD

Gunbird (PC) – Price: $9.99 USD

May 12th

Huntdown (PC, PS4, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch) – Price: $19.99 USD

Jet Lancer (PC & Nintendo Switch) – Price: $14.99 USD

Thy Sword (PS4 & PSVita) – Price: $9.99 USD

VirtuaVerse (PC) – Price: $14.99 USD

Pixel Ripped 1995 (PS4 via PSVR) – Price: $19.99 USD

May 13th

Deep Rock Galactic (PC & Xbox One) – Price: $29.99 USD

Potata: Fairy Flower (PS4 & Xbox One) – Price: $14.99 USD

Thy Sword (Xbox One) – Price: $9.99 USD

She Sees Red (Nintendo Switch) – Price: $9.99 USD

Coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch:

Super Mega Baseball 3Price: $44.99 USDIsland SaverPrice: Free

May 14th

Ion Fury (PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch)– Price: $24.99 USD

PC Only:

NimbatusPrice: $19.99 USDSigns of the SojournerPrice: $19.99 USD

Nintendo Switch Only:

TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2Price: $59.99 USDOddworld: Munch’s OddyseePrice: $29.99 USD
Cooking SimulatorPrice: $19.99 USDCarnage: Battle ArenaPrice: $14.99 USD
KholatPrice: $14.99 USDArmed 7 DXPrice: $6.99 USD
Satazius NEXTPrice: $6.99 USDWolflamePrice: $6.99 USD
Zenge Price: $1.99 USD

May 15th

Dungeon of the Endless (PS4 & Nintendo Switch) – Price: $15.99 USD

Tacticool Champs (PS4 & Xbox One) – Price: $19.99 USD

Emma: Lost in Memories (Xbox One & Nintendo Switch) – Price: $7.99 USD

Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1 (PC) – Price: $9.99 USD

Formula Retro Racing (Xbox One) – Price: $11.99 USD

Nintendo Switch Only:

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega MixPrice: $39.39 USDThe Eternal Castle RemasteredPrice: $14.99 USD
Thy SwordPrice: $9.99 USDKakuro MagicPrice: $2.99 USD

May 18th

Superhero-X (PS4) – Price: $29.49 USD

May 19th

Golf With Your Friends (PC, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch) – Price: $19.99 USD

Mafia II: Definitive Edition (PC, PS4, & Xbox One) – Price: $29.99 USD

The Wonderful 101: Remastered (PC, PS4, & Nintendo Switch) – Price: $39.99 USD

A Fold Apart (PS4 & Xbox One) – Price: $19.99 USD

Panzer Corps 2 (PC) – Price: $39.99 USD

Bullet Beat (Xbox One) – Price: $4.99 USD

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus (Nintendo Switch) – Price:$29.99 USD

PS4 Only:

Dungeon of the EndlessPrice: $19.99 USDGornPrice: $19.99 USD
FluxteriaPrice: $6.99 USDConcept DestructionPrice: $4.99 USD

May 20th

Cannibal Cuisine (PC & Nintendo Switch) – Price: $12.99 USD

PC Only:

Total Tank SimulatorPrice: $19.99 USDNeversongPrice: $14.99 USD
CruciblePrice: Free

Xbox One Only:

Shaolin vs WutangPrice: $13.99 USDConcept DestructionPrice: $4.99 USD

May 21st

The Persistence (PC, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch) – Price: $29.99 USD

Trailmakers (PS4) – Price: $29.99 USD

PC Only:

Monster TrainPrice: $24.99 USDEmbrPrice: $19.99 USD
TimeliePrice: $18.99 USDStarenaPrice: $14.99 USD

Nintendo Switch Only:

realMyst: Masterpiece EditionPrice: $19.99 USDWhat the Golf?Price: $19.99 USD
Red Wings: Aces Of The SkyPrice: $17.99 USDMonster Prom: XXLPrice: $15.99 USD
Aqua LungersPrice: $14.99 USDArrest of a stone BuddhaPrice: $14.99 USD
Steel RainPrice: $14.99 USDLost Artifacts: Time MachinePrice: $9.99 USD
Pushy and Pully in Blockland Price: $9.99 USDLuxarPrice: $7.90 USD
FluxteriaPrice: $6.99 USD

May 22nd

Maneater (PC, PS4, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch) – Price: $39.99 USD

Saints Row: The Third (PC, PS4, & Xbox One) – Price: $39.99 USD

Monstrum (PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch) – Price: $29.99 USD

Mechstermination Force (PC & PS4) – Price: $11.99 USD

SokoBunny (PC & Xbox One) – Price: $5.99 USD

Chuhou Joutai (PC) – Price: $9.99 USD

The Taller I Grow (Xbox One) – Price: $4.99 USD

PS4 Only:

Fault: Milestone OnePrice: $14.99 USDGunman Clive HD CollectionPrice: $3.99 USD

Nintendo Switch Only:

Concept DestructionPrice: $2.99 USDAnimal Up!Price: $4.99 USD

Other Video Game Releases:


May 12th – Samurai Shodown: Iroha (PC, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch) – Price: $5.99 USD

May 12th – Halo 2: Anniversary (PC)

May 13th – Island Saver: Dinosaur Island (PC, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch) – Price: $4.99 USD

May 22nd – Dragon Ball FighterZ: Ultra Instinct Goku (PC, PS4, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch) – Price: $4.99 USD

That’s all the confirmed release dates for May 11th to the 22nd

The game release highlights for next time include Minecraft: Dungeons (PC, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch), Bug Fables (PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch) & Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition (Nintendo Switch).

This has been Parallax Media’s biweekly video game releases!

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